RANDOLPH, NJ— The annual fall play at Randolph high school was a premiere of To The West,  written by Ms. Jessie Field and directed by Mr. Jacob Burlas.  The show was performed November 1-3 in the school auditorium, and kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

“This amazing cast illuminated so many things to me, seeing it is how you make it better,” expressed Field when asked for her thoughts on the play after viewing it performed for the first time. The whole cast was vibrant with each of their roles, making everyone who assisted in the creation of the play proud.

The audience was astounded at what was enacted and were evidently impressed at the performance put on by the students.

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“The play was so cool, especially the combat scenes, I had no idea that the students were allowed to use those [weapons]” recalled audience member, RHS junior Ashley Rojas.

“I have done stage combat before but this was a new experience fighting with actual weapons, and I was nervous because they were very sharp and since I’m clumsy I was worried I’d hurt someone. However, our fight directors Steven and Katie helped me feel much more comfortable in using the weapons,” noted cast member, junior Joshua Cohen. The skills pertained by the students in such little time was phenomenal.

The story behind the play is exquisitely presented with feminine values,  “I love action adventure, I love stage combat and I love feminism,” indicated Field. It was evenly distributed throughout the play, successfully telling a meaningful story, regarding how it does not matter who one is, but how strong and how motivated one is willing to be.

To the West would not have resulted in how it did without the commitment exhibited by the cast, stage crew and the director.

“I’m so lucky to have been able to work with such incredible people, It’s the most fun I’ve had with a cast,” commented cast member, junior Caleigh Lawlor.

Members of the cast enjoyed their time on the set and were grateful to be able to undergo such a wonderful time and to have gained a good amount of experience.

“I really enjoyed my first time being in a play, including meeting the writer and watching my role as well as the play as a whole evolve,” quoted one of the leads, senior Samara Fishkin.

The production of the play was truly a delight to witness, moving and eye opening. To the West being shown for the first time ever in RHS was an honor to host. Randolph residents who missed the fall production can look forward to the spring musical, Shrek.

Javi Cortes is a student at RHS participating in a journalism program with TAP into Randolph