RANDOLPH, NJ- On Thursday, Dec. 4, there was a small holiday gathering at Town Hall held with food for all to enjoy. The township officials recognized and awarded local businesses and volunteers for their hard work and contributions to the Randolph community.

"This award ceremony tonight accomplishes two things. Recognizing our business community, we are fortunate to have a vibrant, thriving business community, and the second is our volunteers, they spend countless hours doing the work that really is at need," said Mountain.

A spotlight was put on several local businesses that have not only been successful but have had a positive impact on the community. The Economic Development Committee Chair Trina Mitsch provided the introduction on those who received a business award.

The two Special Achievement Awards were given to Ryan Chiropractic Family Wellness Center and Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center. The Ryan Chiropractic Family Wellness Center is located on Route 10 and established in 1998 by Dr. Patrick Ryan and wife. Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center is also located on Route 10 and established in 2010 by Dr. David Simon and Dean Curtis.

The two Special Recognition Awards were given to Randolph Pediatrics and Verona Restaurant. Randolph Pediatrics located on Route 10 and founded in 2003 by Dr. Marisa Ciufalo. Verona Restaurant located on Sussex Turnpike and founded in 2011. This Bring Your Own Bottle (B.Y.O.B.) eatery has already earned some fame in the New York Times, calling it "very good."

The other half of the ceremony was dedicated to all the volunteers who put in their hard work and time into helping keep Randolph one of the best communities in the state.

"It is very important to honor volunteers. They are the ones who steer Randolph's community and help us accomplish all that we have through our committees," said Mayor Loveys.

Councilman Christine Carey gave out the first award to Geneva Campbell on the Library Board for her five-year contribution. Councilman Mark Forstenhausler awarded Recreation Committee members Sue Huston, Doug Todd, Jay Penn, John Brennan and Dan Limone. Councilman Michael Guadagno awarded Landmark Committee members Joan Brembs, Wildlife Management Committee members Russ Nee, Sue Grassmeyer and Greg Mohr, and Board of Assessments' Myra Sesko.

Councilman Roman Hirniak awarded Planning Board members Lance Tkacs, Norma Jacobs, and Myra Sesko again. He also awarded Traffic Advisory Committee members Jim Marsaka and Tom Burk.

Councilman Napoliello awarded Board of Health members Dr. Keith Leibowitz and Joyce Echanique. Napoliello also awarded Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC) members Elizabeth Ritter, Margaret Kenny, JoAnn Napoliello, Harry Ruiz and Ron Harmetz.

Lastly, Deputy Mayor Joanne Veech awarded Board of Adjustment members Steve Fogel and Linda A. Johnson, Parks Advisory Committee members Ethan Blynn and Jim Maraska, Environmental Committee member Rick Barker and, lastly, the Economic Development Committee members John Herold, Lou Asbaty, Lance Tkacs, Mary Ann Marcell and Brett Hackman.