RANDOLPH, NJ- Parents and Children enjoyed Kindergarten Orientation in April. Randolph’s Class of 2030 drew pictures, toured classrooms, listened to the book “Look Out Kindergarten, Here I come,” and even got the chance to ride a big yellow school bus around the neighborhood to help them transition to kindergarten in the fall.

The children and their parents enjoyed kindergarten orientation programs at Center Grove, Fernbrook, Ironia and Shongum Elementary Schools April 18-21. “I am so excited to go to kindergarten because I have never been to kindergarten before,” Mikayla Cherry told her future classmates at Ironia. “I like the kindergarten classroom and the bus ride was fun.”

While the soon-to-be kindergarteners played with Legos and cooked in toy kitchens, their parents attended programs in the schools, met principals and other school officials, and learned about everything from the kindergarten curriculum to transportation to childcare to the school nurse.