I hope that everyone is enjoying the winter weather here in beautiful Randolph Township! It’s a wonderful time to enjoy many outdoor activities with family. From ice skating to sledding to skiing, it’s our varied seasons that attract so many to our wonderful community. Just be sure to stay safe. Do not ever go out on thin ice, and be careful when heading down those slopes! For those who prefer to spend their time indoors, please make sure the flue is open before starting that roaring fire, and keep the batteries fresh in your smoke and co detectors.

As Mayor, I, as well as all of the members of our Township Council always seek out the interests and concerns of our residents. When we hear about issues that need our attention, we do our best to address them as soon as possible. One example is the township leaf collection. Years ago a policy was established that limited leaf collection to those leaves collected by and placed curbside by residents themselves. Leaves collected by landscapers would have to be removed from the property by those landscapers hired by the home owners. It was brought to our attention that this was a problem, and unfair to those unable to rake their own leaves. Those homeowners then paid twice, their property taxes as well as higher landscaper bills. The policy was reviewed, and has been adjusted to allow for township collection of all leaves brought to the curbside regardless of the use of a contractor. Though this might increase the cost of leave collection, it was the right thing to do. This is an excellent example of local government responding to the needs of its citizens.  

A second example came up when the recycling collection was changed from every other week in 2016 to the 2nd and 4th week in 2017. This caused significant confusion. We saw many residents placing their recyclables out during the wrong weeks. We attempted to clarify the proper recycling weeks with notices, reverse 9-11 calls, our website, etc. but the problem remained. Therefore, again working to address our residents concerns, we have changed back to the previous schedule of every other week. Hopefully this will work better for everyone. If you have any recycling questions or concerns, please contact the Randolph Township Department of Health as 973-989-7050.

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Randolph Township is well known for being business friendly, and thanks to the efforts of our EDC, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Adjustment and Planning Board business is booming! Many new businesses have moved into Randolph in recent months. The new Wendy’s has been open for two months now, and the corner by the Randolph Diner looks so much better with this new restaurant as well as the improved landscaping by the diner. We just attended ribbons cuttings for Dickerson Dental on Route 10 and Primrose School on Aspen Drive. The new Weiss Market is the latest addition to our community, with several other projects and openings ahead.

It is a real pleasure to see so many positive results here in Randolph, where our elected officials respond to our residents, and business flourishes. Randolph is truly “Where Life is Worth Living”.