RANDOLPH, NJ- With music streaming from the 6th and 7th grade band and Canzonettta Choir, Randolph Middle School graduation was held on a beautiful evening at the High School football field on Tuesday June 20.

Dr. Dennis Copeland, Randolph Middle School Principal, opened and closed the ceremony. First he introduced Eight Grade class president, Clair Doto.

Doto spoke to the graduates about their impending transition, expressing, ”Think of it as a window into a new world, that we are kind of smashing through like baseballs with no ideas what we will do with the glass.”

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Doto asked for a moment to acknowledge all of her classmates saying, “You have all inspired me in your own special way.  The best part of our grade are our differences, everyone brings a different vibe to the table.”

Doto continued, “In the words of Winston Churchill, ‘Continous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.’ “With determination you are all amazing, success is clearly in the future for us all.”

Last, “I am delighted you are all a part of my story and we can all start writing our final chapter in Randolph next year.”

Dr. Copeland said at the end of the ceremony, “We have reached the end but it is the start of something new for everyone.”

Copeland concluded by stating, “In the words of your class president, Claire Doto, “Everyone brings a different vibe to the table. What vibe will you bring when you reach High School?”