RANDOLPH, NJ- When Randolph Middle School eighth grader Radha Godkar visited India, she was shocked to learn that many girls did not have access to an education.

So the middle school student decided to do something about it. Radha started by making donations of supplies to a school in India for girls. She then felt that was not enough so she started "KANYAA" which means girl in Hindi and is a charity which will collect money to help fund school supplies, renovations to a school and maybe even help fund the construction of a new school for girls in India.

"I am very proud of the contributions she is making and that she supports our school motto, 'a better school, a better world,'" said RMS Principal Dr. Dennis Copeland.

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Radha noted that her parents grew up in poverty in India and moved to the United States where her father became a cardiologist and her mother became a primary care physician. Radha, who also hopes to become a cardiologist, said she visited family in India and learned how many girls did not have access to an education since there are very few schools for girls.

Radha donated money to help a school for girls which can accommodate 50 girls, but has 150 students. She is working on creating a website which will be able to accept donations to fund the purchase of supplies and hopefully offer educational opportunities to more girls in India. "I hope to get funding to improve schools or help renovate schools if we do not have enough money to build new schools."