RANDOLPH,  NJ- the Randolph Parks and Recreation departments came together for their annual joint meeting at the Randolph Community Center on Tuesday June 9.

A big topic was the perceived coyote problem in Randolph, there has recently been a death of a small dog and people are concerned about the coyotes in the area.  The town and board wants to stress to the public that there is not a coyote problem, and there is no need for concern or overreaction. 

They are moving forward with a three pronged program, the first leg is educational for using media outlets in town to educate the members of the township like leashing pets and putting up a small fence.  The second part is a meeting in the fall where experts from the state and county will assit in education the community as well.

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The last part was explained by Town Council Liaison Roman Hirniak, “Members of the Special Hunt which is a part of the deer hunt and come across a coyote, they will be allowed to take it out.” He added “The hunt is not coyote specific.” They will reconvene after some date is collected and move forward. 

One of the big discussions for the Recreation committee was the topic of sportsmanship and how it is handled within the community. There is discussion of putting signs up at the baseball fields promoting sportsmanship and letting the officials and coaches do their jobs. The signs will also have contact information for SPEC which is a sports ethics committee. Residents can call the number and report bad sportsmanship.

There is a system to discipline coaches and officials who get out of line. The first is a yellow card which is a stern warning and a second yellow card would be a game suspension ; further issues would be handled accordingly. 

Summer clinic registration has started for Boys Summer Lacrosse, A Men’s recreation basketball league, and registration for fall lacrosse has also begun.   The numbers for registration are similar to the numbers from last year so far.