RANDOLPH, NJ- The Randolph Police Department is reaching out to their community through their new police officer trading card program. Similar to baseball cards, the front of the card will contain a picture of the officer, with information about them on the back. The goal of the program is to have children initiate contact with officers they see and request their card, thus giving them another opportunity to interact with the police in a positive and friendly setting.

The Randolph Police Department had been interested in initiating this program for several years. Sgt. Matt Rispoli and P.O. Richard Biase discussed this program with the Municipal Alliance Committee, who immediately funded this program. Officers will only hand out their own trading card. Officers were initially issued 500 cards to distribute. As the program progresses, more cards may be printed, so be sure to get yours fast!

As a safety measure, the department asks, "Please do not approach officers while they are engaged in an emergency situation. However, please do not hesitate to approach an officer when you see them out and about in the town. In addition, anyone may always stop by police headquarters to meet officer who you may not have an opportunity to meet in your travels."