RANDOLPH, NJ- The National Student Walk Out was a success according to Randolph High School Principal Debbie Iosso, contrary to reports that students broke rules by leading a group of kids outside against the wishes of administration.  In a statement sent to all RHS families, Iosso indicated that students had the freedom to stay inside or go outside, stating, “Approximately 250 students participated, and most chose to go outside.” 

"We actually cleared the football field so students would have a safe place.  While it is true we encouraged them to make their statement indoors- we did not stop anyone who ventured outside.  There were no strict rules- we simply asked for parents to be aware of what their students were doing and to provide permission," said Iosso.

Iosso further praised the student body behavior, stating, “The students who participated did so in a mature and respectful manner.”

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"The HS building administrative team continues to earn my sincere appreciation and respect as they were instrumental in working with me to put these procedures in place after much conversation with both staff and students," Iosso added.

The following emails were sent out by The Randolph High School and Randolph Middle School Principals following the peaceful and successful walk-outs yesterday during school hours. These walk-outs were with parental permission and in support of "National Walk Out Day" honoring the 17 Students lost in the tragic Florida School shooting. All procedures were followed and were student led, see the emails below:


Dear RHS School Community;

Today once again evidenced what a great student body we have here at RHS.  The student led, national walk out went very smoothly with those students choosing to participate doing so in a very mature and respectful manner.   We could not have been more proud of both our students who participated and those that chose not to.

We had approximately 250 students participating today and most chose to go outside onto the football field.  At precisely 10:17 they returned to their class and carried on with their school day.  Our local PD had a significant presence on campus with over a dozen officers outside to help us with safety and security.

Thank you for your assistance in making today run smoothly.  It is our hope to help students continue to find ways to express their individual and collective voices and to realize that there are ways for them to make a difference.

Enjoy the evening

Mrs. I

Randolph High School


Dear RMS Community,

I would like to update you on the national student walk out that occurred today. 

At RMS we had approximately 210 students participate in grades six through eight.  Participating students gathered in the hallway outside of their classroom. The hallways were supervised with non-instructional staff and teachers who were not teaching between 10 - 10:17 AM.  

Students had the opportunity to express their constitutional rights without disruption to the school day.  Students not participating continued instruction in their classroom with their teacher. All students were respectful and displayed maturity during this event.  

The Randolph Police Department, our District Security team, and the Randolph Middle School staff are to be commended for securing our campus and providing support.  Police were not in the building, but remained outside.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding over the past four weeks as we continue to deal with these issues.  

Kind regards. 

Dr. Copeland

Randolph Middle School