RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph residents came out by the hundreds on Saturday, March 5 for The 3rd Annual Randolph Community Wellness Fest. The popular event consisted of fun activities for kids, fitness demonstrations from local gyms, and many more local business exhibitors who touched upon virtually every aspect of “Healthy living” to help educate all on how to lead physically and mentally healthy lives.

The Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center is the primary sponsor and host of the event.  Dr. David Simon, Director of the Randolph PRWC, spoke briefly about the inspiration behind Community Wellness Day.

“The Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center is committed to improving the health of our community through education and engagement, said Dr. Simon.  “Hosting a health and wellness expo gives the platform to many local health and wellness businesses to share their knowledge with the community at large.”

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Baumwoll Orthodontics and Pediatric Dental Associates, both owned and operated by Randolph resident Heather Baumwoll, is one of those businesses that has been part of Wellness Day for all three years now. 

“I love supporting events that bring the people of Randolph together,” said Baumwoll.  “It's great that Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center puts together this amazing event to help promote a healthy lifestyle. I am so happy to play a small part with both of my dental practices to encourage health and wellness.”

Much time and effort goes into planning, coordinating, and promoting the event, which brought well over 800 attendees to the middle school, who visited 60 local businesses throughout the day. 

Claire Keller of Randolph PRWC, who was the event chairperson, commented, “There are many items that need to be addressed throughout the year to plan this day, however the real push started in December and was a full time job until the March 5th event date.”

All that time and effort can be very rewarding when things go off successfully.

“At one point I was walking through the gym and saw, all at once, participants getting stretched by CCM students, a group engaged in a demonstration with Jackie Timmerman, someone getting a foot scan by Dr. Pizzano, a child with face paint ran past, and a group of volunteers walking past me were chatting and smiling,” said Keller.  “And then I actually got a bit emotional thinking about all the good things that happen on this day.”

But the day also has another purpose, one that extends beyond the three hour duration of the Wellness Fest day.  The event provides a financial donation to an important benefactor, the Randolph Schools.

Dr. Simon explained, “The schools are the direct beneficiary of the Community Wellness Fest. The proceeds from the vendor sponsorships are donated to the Randolph Education Foundation. Through the Wellness Grant process, a wellness proposal is selected to be the recipient of the funds. Although not all the expenses have been tallied as of yet, the total amount being donated will likely be around $12,000.”

Many Randolph Township employees, volunteers, and government representatives were either working at the Fest, or stopped in during the day to visit.  Randolph’s Rescue Squad, Fire Department representatives, and members of the police squad were set up around the room, along with the Township Health Department

Mayor Roman Hirniak was in attendance, visiting many of the vendor tables and speaking with residents.

Hirniak commented, “My compliments to Dr. Dave Simon and the Randolph Pain Relief and Wellness Center, for sponsoring this festival promoting healthy behavior within our community.  Everything from diet, to exercise, to technologically modern ways of growing food and filtering water was on display.  My gratitude also extends to our corporate citizens, who are always extending the hand of partnership towards ensuring that Randolph Township remains a wonderful place to experience the peak of both physical and spiritual health.”

Dr. Simon also extended his thanks and gratitude to other key figures, all of whom helped make the day possible.

“Township Manager Steve Mountain has been supportive and helpful, and saw the value in having every Town department present at the event. Dr. Copeland, RMS principal, was enthusiastic and cooperative, and helped to ensure we had everything we needed relative to the facility,” said Dr. Simon.

“In addition, Harry Ruiz was the recipient of the Wellness Champion Award. As the district's head of security, Harry has always gone above and beyond to ensure the parking lot is in order, and any security issues are in place.”

The reception from visitors and vendors alike has been positive each and every year, with many returnees.

As Dr. Simon explained, “The vendors seem to really appreciate the opportunity to engage with the community at large and to showcase their businesses in an expo-type venue. Attendees seem surprised by the size of the event, the great food samples, and the multitude of activities for their children.”

Dr. Bernard Barrish of Barrish and Lehnes Orthodontics, echoed Dr. Simon’s sentiment, commenting, “"It's always such a great time being at Wellness Day. It is a well-run event, and we love seeing all the people and talking to them and their families about orthodontics. We look forward to next year!"

When asked if the Fest will return for a fourth year, Keller commented, “Because it's such a huge undertaking we're considering waiting until fall of 2017. We would like to create a committee among the stake-holders that would provide assistance in organizing the event. We are hopeful that increased involvement would also result in an even greater attendance.”