RANDOLPH, NJ - The Board of Health held their monthly meeting on Monday, June 9. They discussed upcoming events and their concerns around the town.

The town has been working on a few projects this summer. Board members discussed the progression of the dog pound renovation. Construction seems to be moving and is expected to be completed this summer. 

Bringing more summer fun is the recently redone Tamarack Hills Camp. Tamarack Hills Camp, formally known as Stony Brook, located on Park Ave recently built a new pool. The new owners were required to install a new pool under requirements of their contract. The old existing concrete pool was deemed a hazard under “bathing code”. The pool was recently installed and approved with a 10’ water slide. The old pool still exists, but will be used as a skate park for the summer camp.  

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Another subject was the new craze, E cigarettes. The new style of vapor smoking had become popular in the past few years and has brought up many of questions as to rather it really any different from regular smoking. 

E cigarettes are in debate with board of health on whether they can be used freely indoors. The smoke free air act now says these vapor cigarettes must be used inside at designated areas only. Smoking them inside has recently been considered the same thing as smoking regularly in public. Four years ago the smoke free air act included e cigarettes and said they were safe indoors, but this has recently changed. Stores argue not being able to have customers sample cigarettes inside puts a damper on business. There is currently one E cigarette store in Randolph. With it’s popularity growing and more businesses blooming, health officer Mark Caputo said, “I’m fearful of people turning these places into hangouts with the possibility of other substances becoming involved.”

Another discussion that can be affecting our community was the topic of “puppy mills”. A new ordinance is being considered to being put in place to ban “puppy mills”. Puppy mills are large breeding operations that produce mass amount of dogs for profit by sacrificing the well-being of the animal. A lot of the operations come from the midwest and have been working their way over to the east in recent years. These animals are breeds that owners have no idea where they come from or what genetic defects that can have. Randolph currently has one location that uses puppy mills to get its' dogs. The new owner is suspected of working with a large puppy mill company “Affordable Pups” in the past.

Also a big concern was the Fenimore Landfill. The landfill located in Roxbury township has been responsible of the rancid smell to surrounding towns. Residents fear of what more the landfill is giving off besides a smell.

The Agency for toxic substances and disease registry (ATSDR) are now working to come up with a health consultation from the Fenimore Landfill site in Roxbury. The state is currently now in charge of the site. Randolph is said to possibly be getting high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which is the gas responsible for the strong “rotten eggs odor”. After the study is complete it will be submitted to the state and local authorities and proceed from there. 

This month also is Cataract Awareness and Migraine Headache Awareness Month. Board members discussed this months public health recognition update. 

Cataracts are the build up of protein on the lens of the eye that appear cloudy that cause vision impairment. Cataracts are not an emergency situation and do not have to be removed surgically until interfering with your lifestyle.

Migraines are severe headaches that can last from hours to days causing throbbing accompanied by extreme sensitivity and nausea. They are usually onset by things such as hormonal changes in women, food, lack of sleep and moods. Studies show that is possible that they can be traced to genetics. 

 Last, the board spoke about a summer public health advisement for shellfish eaters: Vibrio parahaemolyticus. Vibrio is a bacteria commonly found in filter feeder shellfish such as muscles and clams. The bacteria can cause gastrointestinal illness. A way to prevent the bacteria is to store shellfish at refrigerator temperature under 41 degrees and cook properly. 

Upcoming Health Screenings & Clinics: 

  • AVFC (municipal building) June 26 (2 p.m.-5 p.m.)
  • Blood pressure screening (India Brooke Village) July 2
  • Child Health Conference August 7 
  • Male cancer screening September 16 (5 pm-7:30 pm)
  • Female cancer screening October 9 (5 pm-7:30 pm)
  • Chem 23 blood profile (municipal building) October 4 (8:30 am-10 am)