RANDOLPH, NJ - After cancelling the October recreation committee meeting, Recreation Director Russ Newman reviewed the successes of events and sports from the past months, but also addressed the upgrade to the lights at Heistein Park.

Recently, a Randolph resident at the township council meeting asked about improvements to the lights. During Thursday's committee meeting, member Joe Faranetta added that the lights would turn off during games, causing the teams to relocate or reschedule.

“For lacrosse games, we had people coming from as far as an hour away, and we ended up losing the lights in the middle of the game,” Faranetta said.

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The department repaired the breaker, which seemed to overload and switch off when both lights stayed on for over an hour. While the Parks Master Plan calls for the lights to be replaced with LEDs in the future, the breaker repair seems to have solved the problem for this current season.

“We upgraded the breakers and the electrical box, and it seems to be holding well,” Newman said. “What we were finding is that they would be fine for the first game of soccer, and then would turn off for the second.”

The department tested one light on with the other off, and the light would run for three to four hours, Newman explained. “Once we had both bulbs on, and it got past an hour and a half, it was overheating and tripping the breaker.”

The next issue to address with these lights is the on/off timer, which the department uses as a failsafe automatic off in the evening. Faranetta said the coaches turned off their lights at the end of the game. However, Newman found coaches changed the timer in an attempt to turn on the lights, and “then [the lights] would turn on in the middle of the night.”

The end goal for Heinstein Park is a control panel on the building, similar to Mount Freedom and Brundage Parks, “rather than… walking across the field in the dark,” he concluded.

Continuing the discussion on the Parks Master Plan, Newman reported several updates to Mount Freedom Park are going out to bid this winter, including renovating the basketball courts, relining the entrance for designated left/ right turn lanes, and adding a second turf field with continuous turf between the two fields.