RANDOLPH, NJ - With the launch of spring and summer programs underway, Recreation Assistant Director Jeanne Montemarano reported growth in several programs.

“In a month, we’ve had another 100 kids register for day camp,” Montemarano said, noting 414 children had registered in the previous month and now the registration has reached 518. “We’re already getting to the number we were at last year.”

Montemarano explained that many parents believed the kids stay at the school all day, when each age group actually travels off site at least three or four times per week.

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“They go bowling one morning, they go to play miniature golf one morning, and they go down to Randolph park one afternoon to swim, and then they have their major trip day,” she continued. “The only day they’re on site for the entire day is Friday, and that’s when we bring in the specials.”

For specials this summer, a weatherman will bring in his green screen and teach the children about weather and how to do the weather. The recreation team also scheduled a portable planetarium to visit one Friday.

Major trips include Dorney Park, Mountain Creek and Turtle Back Zoo. The day camps do not visit the Liberty Science Center or museums, since many children already go through school trips, Montemarano added.

Montemarano also mentioned how different programs use the community center throughout the entire year.

“This building is used all year round... Because the theater camps go later than everybody, it’s right here,” she commented. “The little ones, the Budding Stars, have their camp here… We have the Rompers here all year round, and we have the Mommy-and-and-Me classes.”

The maintenance team has updated many of the parks and facilities in preparation for the summer programs, as well.

A new baseball field opened at Freedom Park, and the team ordered weighted tarps to protect the mound and home plate. The batting cages have new nets, and most the concession stands have opened, Montemarano reported. Additionally, the maintenance team began mowing the fields and all the township properties.

“Some people don’t realize, your field isn’t mowed or we got rain-delayed, but we also keep the township facilities looking clean,” she reminded the committee. “So the guys are mowing everything one to two times a week now.”

When updating the committee on the 90 Acres park project, she said the newly-hired consultant team for the project has started looking into the types of permits needed and the park elements that should be included. By June, the committee will see depictions of where these elements could be placed throughout the park.

“They’re very open to suggestions,” added Recreation Committee Chair, Joe Nazzaro. “One of the biggest areas of imagination is the performance area… Everybody seems to have their own idea of what that looks like, and they’re very open to how that would shape up.”