RANDOLPH, NJ- Now that summer has arrived, many people are interested in a new and sustainable look for their yard. If so, longtime Randolph resident Tina Yotka is the woman to go to. Tina is a horticulturist who specializes in organic interior and exterior sustainable plant scapes, design, and care. 

Tina is the independent owner of Demeter Designs, LLC based in Randolph. She always had a niche for gardening, and would do her own small projects in her yard. She found herself wanting more, so when her kids grew older she decided to go back to school.  Yotka graduated from the County College of Morris with a degree in landscape and horticultural technology, and shortly after started her business, Demeter Designs in 2009.

Demeter Designs, LLC is not your typical landscaping company. The services Tina offers go beyond the appearance of a yard, and into the actual science of maintaining the proper plantscape for each individual space. What many don’t understand is that there is a lot involved in maintaining healthy plant space.  As a horticulturalist, Tina has studied and been educated in all plant material, and has intimate knowledge of what plants to place where, and what they need to thrive.

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Things as simple as weeding, plant placement, mulching and watering all affect the health of a garden. A common belief is that once a landscape is completed, natural sunlight, water, and some occasional weed-whacking is all it needs to stay up to par, but that’s not always the case. A lot of people get landscape designs as a one-time thing with no follow up care, and shortly after all the work has gone to waste. With all of her clients, Tina goes through a process of interviewing the client to find out their desires and needs. She then surveys the space and comes up with a detailed portfolio.  Her service includes follow up support to ensure the job stands the test of time; she doesn’t just leave once the job is complete.

 “I like to be there to “grow” with the garden that I created for them, to preserve it, and to keep the clients happy as well,” said Tina. 

Tina’s services are not only beneficial to her customers; they are friendly and advantageous to the environment as well. Almost all the products Tina uses are organic, many of which she tests at home in her own garden before using with clients. She’s also certified by Rutgers University in design, installation and maintenance of rain gardens. Yotka can maintain green roofs, which she has done in the past for Princeton University, Rutgers University in Newark and locally in Morristown.

Demeter helps homeowners improve their curb appeal, designing small and large decorative plats, and arranging small container vignettes or cut flower arrangements that can be used for inside or out. They also provide event decorations, outdoor living space designs, and help homeowners spruce up a house before selling.  Tina’s busy season is spring through fall, where she can assist with plant winterizing and holiday containers.  Yotka stays busy in the winter months hosting and attending lectures in her industry.

For the most part, Tina works throughout all of Morris County, and is always looking for new clients. “Finding new clients is the hardest aspect of being a self-owned business” she said, but that hasn’t stopped her. With her business becoming more popular, she hopes to find help so she can expand her business and take a back seat out of some of the intense labor. “I don't want to completely remove myself out of the gardening aspect because I enjoy it so much, and I don’t expect to for some time. Looking forward I’d like to expand more into lectures and writing and take the business in another direction,” she said. She plans to start a gardening blog in the future and possibly write a couple of books. 

“Satisfaction of a job well done and compliments from the client when you see their faces when it’s all complete make me feel great.  Sometimes when you try to explain your visions to them, they don't have a clue what you’re talking about and that’s okay. But when they see the end result, and they turn and look at you saying ‘wow it’s beautiful’, or I hear them telling their friends how lovely everything is, that’s the greatest accolade,” she said. 

You can find more information, and view photos by visiting Demeter Designs website at http://www.demeterdesignsllc.com/index.html or follow them on Facebook. For any questions or inquiries you can contact Tina by phone at (973)-981-8449 or email demeterdesignsllc@gmail.com


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