RANDOLPH, NJ- Several Randolph High School principals and supervisors spent a full day shadowing students and took tests, participated in physical education classes, and even dressed like students.

Randolph High School Principal Debbie Iosso spent a day with Nick Rampone, an RHS junior. Mrs. Iosso played goalie in a game of floor hockey, took a math test and learned how to make a toy top in wood shop. "I really wanted to see a school day from a student's view," she said. "I want to encourage teachers to do this as well."

"Collectively we were able to identify some areas of a student day that we can certainly pay more attention to," she said.  "It is my plan to convince at least one or two teachers from each department to engage in this activity.  I believe that once they really see what it’s like to sit in five or six academic classes with PE in the mix, they will be much more sensitive to what it might be like to navigate being a student.   I’m positive the resulting discussions will produce some viable ideas to improve the life of students at RHS ~ stay tuned!"

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The principal said she personally found a day "as a student" "exhausting" and noted having seven minutes after physical education "to freshen up does not make for a great hair day."

Mrs. Iosso also forgot her lunch pin, learned how to use a sanding machine in wood shop and worked on a group project in English.

World Language Supervisor Paula Paredes-Corbel, Director of Secondary Education Jonathan Olsen and Vice Principal Matthew Agrati all shadowed students. "I enjoyed shadowing a student and learning what their day is like," Olsen said. "I couldn't have had a more enjoyable experience and met so many of Randolph's talented students during the course of the day. I took all quizzes and tests, took notes and even composed a song in music class. I learned a great deal from this experience about what our students do every day. They-along with our teachers-continually impress."

RHS Vice Principal Matt Agrati said he enjoyed shadowing a student. "None of the teachers knew that I was coming into their class and it was amazing to see the lessons and opportunities our staff create for our students," he said. "It was certainly something that I would like all of our teachers to experience in the near future to truly get a flavor of what RHS is like for our students."

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