RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph High School students are getting ahead and brushing up in mathematics at the Randolph Summer Academy. Students are taking Algebra I and Geometry to help them get ahead and take more difficult math classes in the 2017-18 school year.

The Randolph Summer Academy offers new opportunities for students to accelerate their learning, said Jonathan Olsen, the district’s director of secondary education. “The Randolph Summer Academy is designed for students interested in taking a class this summer for credit or for those who would like additional help in high school math.

The original credit courses are for students who would like to fulfill a graduation requirement and be able to take higher-level or full-year elective courses during the regular school year. The refresher course is for students who would like some additional support in math before the school year begins.”

Olsen said he hopes to see the program expand next summer with more classes in mathematics, personal finance and possibly other subjects.