RANDOLPH, NJ- This is a special statement from Randolph Superintendent Jennifer A. Fano in response to the incident which occurred at the football game on September 1, 2017:

"On Friday night our football team defeated Livingston during their season home opener with the cheerleaders rooting for them along the way. We saw our band perform our National Anthem and entertain the crowd. There was a great turnout of spectators. As school officials, we have an obligation to ensure student safety during school hours and at all of our school-sponsored events. Unfortunately, before the game began, an event occurred in the student fan section of the stadium. An open container of alcohol fell or was thrown in front of the school personnel charged with monitoring this section. Upon further investigation several other containers of alcohol were identified. There were also other indicia that the students in this section had consumed alcohol. As educators, we are charged with enforcing policy. The law requires that we send students out to be tested when it appears that they may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Given the events in question, the students in this area of the stadium were brought in to the school, separated into classrooms, and parents were contacted to pick their child up and have them screened. District policy and regulation states that failure to comply with a screening is deemed a positive test result and will result in a suspension from school. On Friday evening I also spoke with the medical professionals in Morristown, Dover, and Denville who were charged with processing the student screenings. The medical professionals understood that our administrators are not responsible for determining sobriety and that we were properly following the law and policy. Members of the Randolph Police were at the game and effectively assisted administration in following school procedures. It is my hope that this event leads us all to reflect. School events are meant to be a time to come together, celebrate our community, and make positive memories. Friday evening was just that for many, but for some it was not. We commit to inspiring and empowering all students in Randolph Schools to reach their full potential as unique, responsible and educated members of a global society. As a community we need to support one another and I would like to acknowledge and express appreciation for the positive responses we have received from parents and students who recognized the role of the school officials. I encourage parents and students to use this event as a learning opportunity. The safety of our students and community members is paramount."