RANDOLPH, NJ- Once again, the Randolph Rams track and field team is the crown jewel of Morris County. Led by a record setting performance from the girls jumpers, and a strong showing by boys’ hurdlers and jumpers, both squads outpaced the competition by a wide margin.

The girls jumped over the pack by accumulating 98 points, ahead of second place Roxbury (65) and third place Mendham (47), while the boys recorded 90 points, hurdling over second place Boonton (51) and third place Delbarton (45).

The girls jumpers made history when they swept all four team events ( Long  Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump, and Pole Vault) at the County tournament for the first time in history.  Team members and results for each event were:

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High jump: (Meghan O'Malley, Karen Hull, Jordyn Kranis) 14-8;  Long jump: (Meghan O'Malley, Karen Hull, Julia Kohn) 48-0;  Triple jump: (Meghan O'Malley, Julia Kohn, Stephany Heiberger) 96-7.75;  Pole vault: (Jordyn Kranis, Paige Zangara, Savanna Brackelmanns-Puig) 25-6.

Backing up the jumpers were the girls distance runners, who displayed their usual dominance by taking first place in four events. ( Results listed below )

On the boys’ side, it was a sweep of the hurdle events, along with first place finishes in Pole Vault, Long Jump, and 4x200 that all led the way to victory.  The boys who took first in shuttle hurdles and intermediate hurdles were:

Shuttle hurdles: 1st, Randolph (Jack Coyne, Anthony Salemi, George Houston, Tana Gawe) 1:02.9

Intermediate hurdles: 1st, Randolph (Jack Coyne, Mike Nalbach, Tana Gawe) 2:57.15

The top six paces in each event earn points for the team. Below are the girls and boys teams not mentioned above who placed in the top six and helped contribute to the team victory:


4x800: 1st, Randolph (Abby Loveys, Meredith Finley, Courtney Darakjy, Brooke Olson) 9:45.59

4x1600: 1st, Randolph (Brooke Olson, Meredith Finley, Courtney Darajky, Abby Loveys) 21:19.09

Distance medley: 1st, Randolph (Abby Loveys, Emily Tatkow, Courtney Darajky, Brooke Olson) 12:32.5

Shuttle hurdles: 1st, Randolph (Jordyn Kranis, Savanna Brackelmanns-Puig, Karen Hull, Meghan O'Malley) 1:04.04

4 x 100: 3rd, Randolph (Paige Zangara, Evelyn Swayze, Stephanie Branam, Karen Hull) 51.59

Shot Put: 5th, Randolph (Makayla Taylor, Loredana Bendik, Hannah Murphy) 90-11.75

Discus: 3rd, Randolph (Makayla Taylor, Hannah Murphy, Loredana Bendik) 271-0

Javelin: 4th, Randolph (Hannah Murphy, Cassie Peo, Loredana Bendik) 273-7


High jump: 1st, Randolph (Jackson Yeakel, Tana Gawew, Soham Kolli) 17-0

Pole vault: 1st, Randolph (Kenan Mitchell, Jackson Yeakel, Nick Adams) 36-6

Sprint Medley: 2nd, Randolph (Roovens Faustima, Kenan Mitchell, Eric Gu, Joshua Holihan) 3:39.21

4x200: 1. Randolph (Tana Gawe, John Daddario, Kevin Charles, Roovens Faustima) 1:31.73

Long Jump: 2nd, Randolph (Connor Kamp, Carlo Zarro, Anthony Salemi) 58-7.5

4x400: 5th, Randolph (Roovens Faustima, Kevin Charles, Jason Erbentraut, John Daddario) 3:31.34

4x800: 3rd, Randolph (Chris Tiao, Tommy Chimminger, Joshua Holihan, James Keany)

Triple Jump: 5th, Randolph (Carlo Zarro, George Houston, Anthony Salemi) 115-3.5

Shot Put: 2nd, Randolph (Jeramie Simmons, Ahsan Huland El, Josh Taylor) 130-3.5

Discus: 4th, Randolph (Josh Taylor, Chandler Boykins, Ahsan Huland El) 340-8

Javelin: 5th, 5. Randolph (Kenan Mitchell, Jackson Yeakel, Jacob Hitland) 386-2