RANDOLPH, NJ-The demolition for the EA Porter building is scheduled to take place this week, said Township Manager Stephen Mountain at last week's council meeting.  

The demolition calls for a four to six week work schedule, said Mountain. 

Mountain met with Morris Habitat for Humanity to review the timeline for the EA Porter project, which is already in progress.

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The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will complete a three to six month review process of the site, said Mountain. 

"We hope that it will be more three months than six but there are potential elements that might slow us down," said Mountain. 

The council's environmental consultant, Equal Science, will work with the engineering office on the required soil sample, said Mountain. 

Site work after the building demolition could start around September, said Mountain. The expected date for completion of the project is still 2017. 

In other news, the facilities master plan work group reviewed recommendations for the municipal facilities, said Mountain. The council received the draft that summarizes the recommendations and will review them. 

Mayor Hirniak spoke about the council's liaison meeting with the board of education. They reviewed the school budget and will introduced it on March 15, said Hirniak. The budget then will be adopted on May 3.

Hirniak also spoke about the Parks Master Plan and stated a public meeting will be scheduled to go over the results of the process. Currently, the council is talking to their consultant and getting a sense of how much the projects will cost, said Hirniak. He stated some projects may be paid in cash and others in a debt service.

"This will obviously first be vetted to the public and then it will come back to us," said Hirniak.

The work group will look at the draft at the end of March then after the documents should be available to the public, said Mountain. A meeting could be scheduled in April or May. 

The goal will be to have it done before the summer time, said Mountain.