RANDOLPH, NJ- Township Manager Stephen Mountain gave outgoing mayor, James Loveys, a standing ovation for his work this past year on Thursday, Dec. 4. Other items discussed that night were the revelation of the Park's Master Plan firm and the new single stream recycling effective in the New Year.

It is a tradition for managers to speak on behalf of outgoing mayors at the end of each year. Manager Mountain thought of four ways to best describe James Loveys’ term as Randolph mayor. The first was leadership. Mountain admired Loverys way of connecting with the public on various issues and the way he ran the town council meeting. Second was dedication, Loveys dedicated so much of his time reviewing documents, asking questions and following up with everyone and thing. The third was compassion; Loveys continued to have real emotion when he delivered his messages to groups. The last was honesty; Mountain shared a story of how Loveys won a raffle and was unsure of whether he should keep the winnings.

"The fact that he questions whether something is appropriate; so many people in government don't do that. It's really impressive. Every moment I've sent with Jim was to find out more and not to challenge but rather to understand," said Mountain.

Mayor Loveys was surprised by Mountain's kind words. Although he was not prepared to provide a speech of his own, he did have a few things to say on behalf of the council. After thanking his colleges for their support and hard work, Loveys gave a special thank you to Town Clerk Donna Luciani for always providing clear answers on all the questions he asked.

"I'm overwhelmed. It was a pleasure and honor to support as mayor of this wonderful town. It's amazing how fast a year goes by. This was truly an amazing experience," said Mayor Loverys.

Councilman Al Napoliello also shared a few words with the council about Loveys run as mayor.

"I'm the oldest member of this council and I've seen 12 different mayors for 12 years. I have to say that I have never seen a man as good as you, Jim," said Napoliello.

In other news, The Park's Master Plan steering committee awarded Brandstetter Carroll, Incorporation as the primary firm to take over the project. An interview process was done with the two finalists, a firm based locally and Brandsetter Carroll, Inc based in Cincinnati. The steering committee was looking for a firm that could facilitate the process and had experience in terms of public outreach. 

"A clear cut better fitting firm for our needs became evident during the interview process. Quite frankly, I think we're getting a great value from the proposal they presented," said Mountain.

The last item discussed was single stream recycling (all recyclable materials can be combined into one single bin as of January 2015) information objectives.

The short-term objectives were release all needed information on the town website, newsletter, swift, flyers, tax bill, and a virtual back pack. The town website will have a front-page link to the recycling page containing single stream information for an extended period. The winter newsletter sent to the printer contains press release on single stream. The swift reach system will send out a message to advise residents of the upcoming change during the last week of December. The announcement will direct residents to the website and newsletter for further information. Flyers will advise residents that the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority offers free educational material on recycling and solid waste. A brief memo announcing the change directing residents to the website for further information will be inserted in the annual tax bills. Lastly, a pending board of education approval will allow appropriate single stream flyer to be distributed via the school systems web information distribution network.

Long-term objectives would be re-community "Don't Throw Away Our Future" lesson plan for elementary schools, clean communities, recycling center information kiosk and demonstration board, town website, newsletter and the health department.

The "Don't Throw Away Our Future" lesson plan is a classroom ready recycling curriculum developed by Re-Community to educate school-aged children. Clean communities program annually sponsors and funds end and middle school anti-litter/environmental/recycling awareness programs. This practice is anticipated indefinitely.

The recycling center information kiosk is at a highly visible area of the recycling center. An appropriate arrangement of the glass-covered bulletin board with posters provided by the Municipal Utilities Authority will be in place. The town website will leave up single stream information on the recycling and solid waste page of the site. The town will continue to appraise recycling collection guidelines and scheduling utilizing the newsletter. Lastly, the health department will have single stream posters and information available at the counter and posters will promote single stream.