RANDOLPH, NJ- Thursday was the last meeting as mayor for Mayor Joanne Veech. The council opened the meeting by honoring the Golden Masters and Diehards Senior softball teams for their successful finishes in various softball tournaments. They were honored with a proclamation.

The Golden Masters consist of senior citizens in their 70’s and the Diehards have players in their 60’s.

Long-time team members, Gene Stracco, Al Ceeli, and Al Heath, and organizers of Grand Masters were present Thursday night. They remembered when they first started a senior team and recalled the support from Randolph being "phenomenal." 

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The players of the Randolph Golden Masters have recently seen a couple of triumphs. A representative team from the Morris Essex Tuesday Senior Softball Team largely comprised of Golden Masters players competed in the Cape Cod Classic 70's Division and finished in fifth place.  Another representative team also comprised of many Randolph Golden Masters competed in a Challenge Cup in Central Park and were rewarded the trophy for first place.

There was also a proclamation for the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over 2015 Year End Holiday Crackdown.

"I think it's appropriate around this time of year with the holidays and parties coming that we issue this proclamation tonight. We appreciate all that the police department does," said Councilman James Loveys.

Twenty-five percent of New Jersey's motor vehicle fatalities in 2015 were alcohol related. Randolph declares their support for the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Proclamation and pledges to increase awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Township Manager Stephen Mountain also took time during the meeting to recognize the water and sewer department for their work during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. The town experienced two separate equipment malfunctions that were quickly repaired by the department.

"Thanks to the work of the department and its staff the work was done quickly. Nobody's holiday was impacted negatively. Those gentleman gave up part or all of their holiday to make sure that (interruptions) didn't happen and we're grateful for their work," said Mountain.

Mountain brought up an item he mentioned in a past meeting about a Max Par Drive special assessment project. Mac Spar Drive will potentially undergo plans for a sewer extension project.

They are continuing to work with residents but there is still some concern regarding the project. Mountain is hopeful the upcoming meeting will work some of those issues out. If those issues are not worked out then the project may have to be cancelled.

"It is a special assessment project and if we don't have the support of the majority of citizens then we can't move forward with it. It requires easement and we can't move ahead with half the easements and not having the other half in place," said Mountain.

No permanent action will be taken until the full council is involved and updated on the newest details.

Mountain also took a moment to recognize Mayor Joanne Veech since it was her last meeting as mayor.

"Every year the manager works with a different member of the council. For me, the great part is you get to experience a new vision, different ideas and a new energy. I can say it's been a lot of fun working with Joanne," said Mountain.

The manager described the mayor as having a lot of passion (for her public service and the Randolph community), energy (for always being the first one to jump start the day), ideas (for constantly thinking about ways to improve the community) and outreach (for her initiations towards a variety groups within the community such as the religion, business and real estate communities).

"Being Mayor has certainly allowed me the opportunity to get to know everybody. Thank you I really appreciate the support of all of the council," said Veech.