RANDOLPH, NJ- The start of the New Year brought together so many members of the Randolph community. Family, friends and supporters came together on Jan.1, 2015 for the town council reorganization meeting. At the meeting, familiar and new faces were sworn in as and the town announced plans for the promising new year. 
First on the agenda was the swearing in of the newly elected council members. Among the members were Mark Forstenhausler, who was sworn in by his wife, Mike Guadagno, sworn in by Mary Ann and Will Marcelo, Jim Loveys, sworn in by his wife, and Allen Napoliello, sworn in by Assemblyman Anthony Bucco.
It was announced that the nomination for mayor was bestowed upon Councilwoman Joanne Veech. Lastly, nomination for deputy mayor was granted to councilman Roman Hirniak. Mayor Veech and Deputy Mayor Hirniak were sworn in with their families along their sides.
The council spoke highly of the now former Randolph Mayor of 2014, Jim Loveys. Loveys led the council through the process of selecting a new township manager, which consumed council member's time and energy for months. During his term as mayor, Loveys also married over two dozen couples and took the time to learn something special about each one of them. 

"What an honor it was to have you. You listened and responded to all our residents when they reached out for you. You spent countless hours at meetings, cutting ribbons, doing research, seeking council and seeking consensus. Jim we want to thank you for your leadership, your time, effort. Enjoy normalcy. Thank you again for your services," said newly appointed Mayor Veech. 
Township Manager Stephen Mountain also had a few words to say and summed up Loveys in a few words: leader, dedicated, integrity and honest. 
"You are a tremendous ambassador to the community. It's been an honor and pleasure to have worked with you as mayor. Your support and guidance has been very valuable to me," said Manager Stephen Mountain. 
Mountain passed on an honoree gavel plaque to Loveys as gratitude for his wonderful year as mayor. 
"I want to tell everyone it's been an absolute honor and privilege to serve this community as its mayor. I want to thank my council colleges and all the residents in the township for providing me with that opportunity. It's been an incredible experience," said Loveys.
Loveys also thanked his wife and family for their continuous support. He acknowledged the respected leadership and staff that makes up the Randolph municipal organization. His term as mayor allowed him to work closely with the manager and staff, which he described as "truly dedicated employees."
Loveys congratulated the new deputy mayor and mayor for their nominations. 
"I am honored to serve as the 46th mayor and 8th woman mayor of Randolph. Thank you, colleagues, for your support; again, I’m honored and humbled," said Veech.
Mayor Veech continued by providing the council goals and comments prepared for the new year, her full speech can be seen HERE
The last item on the agenda was the swearing in of the new fire chief, Steve Coors, and deputy fire chief, Anthony Moschella. Cheif Coors, who has 22 years of fire fighting experience and 10 years at the Randolph Fire Department, has served as deputy chief under outgoing Chief Kevin Dunn. Deputy Moschella has been an active member of the fire department for 23 years.
Outgoing chief for the past two years, Kevin Dunne, was also asked to come up. Manager Mountain had a few words to say, "Having worked for many years with many fire chiefs, I've seen first hand how difficult the job can be managing volunteers. Dunn did it in class and professionalism. I know he has the respect of the entire fire department."
Dunn was awarded a plaque for the town's appreciation of his services. 
Thank you to all township administrators and volunteers for your service to the town from TAP into Randolph.