RANDOLPH, NJ - During the Manager’s Report, Stephen Mountain updated the council on two projects under review by the planning board.

The first project, the Gateway Apartments, remains consistent with the plans presented to the council. Approximately 80 market-rate apartments will be added, and 15 existing apartments will become income-restricted.

“The proposed plan also features the redevelopment of their business office and their community club space,” Mountain said. “They’re looking to make the space larger and modern for both their current and future customers to really remain competitive with other similar types of complexes.”

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This additional construction will have the least impact on the township, as it will take place on the interior of the complex.

“I know the Trails Committee isn’t completely set up yet, but we have the opportunity to connect the Gateway Apartments to the [Hedden Park] area,” added councilman Mike Guadagno.

Guadagno referenced the complaints by homeowners that Gateways residents cut through their properties near the reservoir, and he believes these trails would eliminate some of those issues.

“Plus, it would open up a major part of Randolph to the trails system,” Guadagno said.

Mountain commented that they could push the planning board to require these trails as part of the apartment development. He does not see a reason for Gateways to object to the trails as it would be a benefit to the residents of the complex.

The American Animal Hospital has proposed the construction of a new hospital and retail development, requiring a redesign and resubmission of the site plan.

“Dr. Voynick’s proposal calls for the development of a new animal hospital and building pad for a future retail/ office building on both his existing site and the… adjacent site that he had acquired,” Mountain explained.

“The proposal includes a completely redesigned site plan that will take advantage of the new access point that has been created by the county as part of the Sussex Turnpike Improvement Project, so anyone entering or exiting the property will have the benefit of a controlled intersection,” Mountain concluded.