RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph high schools' Winter Guard, a winter continuation of the well-known fall sport Color Guard, commenced their practice season in early December in preparation for performances that will last through April. The group, which is composed of 16 members from all different grades, will be performing a routine in competitions across the region.

The Winter Guard routine combines elements of contemporary dance with traditional Color Guard skills (such as twirling heavy objects).

When watching a Winter Guard performance, one of the more  interesting aspects of the routine involves  the props. Often, performances involve twirling a sword or rifle around while doing a plié. The moves are complicated, and look especially impressive in a group.

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Some would describe it almost like art, but it still requires the technique and accuracy of a sport. Sabrina Hajsok, a sophomore in the Randolph program, said “It’s almost like dance, with a twist.”

Although Winter Guard is a competitive group, the small environment allows for the tight bond that comes from being part of a team. Brenden Esthelbacher, a senior at Randolph High School as well as captain of the team with Haylie Nichols, expressed excitement for “that one moment in the season when everything just  clicks and we all become one big family.”

The Guard is run by Meghan Hefferan.

  With the advanced use of props and the positive environment, the Winter Guard seeks to  make Randolph High School proud at every event they attend. Their first competition will take place on January 28th at West Orange High School.