RANDOLPH, NJ- NoBle, a Randolph based “Anti-Bullying” initiative started in June 2017 by Gary and Heather Baumwoll, along with RHS Football coach Tarig Holman, is offering a summer book club based around the topic of bullying.

NoBle invites youth between the age of 7-15 and their parents to join them on an adventure through time to learn the “Secrets to Good Friendships and Fitting In” in the book There’s No Room for You, Maddie Morrison.

The book takes readers into the world of middle school student Maddie Morrison, who struggles to fit in with the popular crowd.  With the help of her parents and a little time travel, Maddie realizes who her true friends are and that she can fit in anywhere.

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Kids may also find the answers they’ve been looking for when they read this novel about middle school social life, and then meet in August before school starts at a book club meeting with other kids and parents to discuss the positive message they learned. Meeting details will be sent out this summer to all who register for the club.

As a special bonus, kids and parents will meet the author, Dale Baumwoll, who is a retired, beloved, award winning 6th grade teacher from Randolph Middle School.  During her teaching days, Baumwoll was honored to have earned the title of NJ History teacher of the year.

Mrs. Baumwoll has spoken at many conferences and schools, and kids and parents throughout the country have read her books. Baumwoll will give great insight into her writing process, her history, and the social world of elementary and middle school. She will also answer any questions from the kids and parents at the book club meeting.

Anyone interested in reading and joining the meeting in late August, is invited to stop by the office of Baumwoll Orthodontics at 390 Route 10 West Randolph, NJ (973-989-5100) for a FREE copy of the book, There’s No Room for You, Maddie Morrison. You will then be enrolled in the book club meeting email list and receive details throughout the summer.

NoBle has plans to organize and fund many different initiatives throughout the year, which will be aimed at a variety of age groups and interest areas.

Noble Mission Statement: To stop bullying of every kind in schools, extra-curricular activities and our children’s lives to make sure that all children can grow up with confidence and the best chance of succeeding in whatever he or she chooses as a life path.

See Interview with the Author Dale Baumwoll on Fox 5 News: http://www.dalebaumwoll.com/pages/interviews.html