RANDOLPH, NJ- On Thursday, January 15, Randolph's newly appointed Mayor Joanne Veech was the guest speaker at the Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon.
Addressing the group, Veech first thanked the Chamber for inviting her, and expressed that she was honored to be speaking in front of the Randolph business community.
Veech went on to discuss some things on her agenda for the coming year.  On the business front, Veech and Township Manager Steve Mountain plan to meet with some of the larger commercial taxpayers in town.  Veech explained, "Since those businesses contribute a significant amount of tax revenue to the township, and help ease the tax burden on our residents, we want to make sure that they are happy."

An important focus Veech has for 2015, is to make a big push within the community for residents to shop local. Veech stated, "I am asking our residents to step back and think twice before they go out of town to buy a service or product.  It benefits all of us to keep Randolph’s small local businesses thriving."
Some other key items Veech discussed that were coming to fruition in 2015 are as follows:
1.  A property tax re-evaluation will take place this year, as ordered by the Morris County Board of taxation. All land owners will get information on the process, with the results going on the books in 2017. 

2.  The long discussed realignment of Hanover Ave and Old Brookside Road (at Sussex Tpk.), complete with sewers, a traffic signal, and sidewalks, will be starting this spring and take a year and a half to complete.
3.  Paving will take place along needed areas of Sussex Tpk., Quaker Church Rd., and Millbrook Ave.
4.  Middlebury - Kozak is beginning construction of a 35,000 square-foot expansion to their indoor sports facility.
5.  Habitat for Humanity plans to put up 24 townhomes next to their building at the corner of Route 10 and South Salem Street.
6.  Skylands has approval to renovate their catering facility, and is exploring options for adding a small 74 room boutique hotel.  
7.  The Township has remodeled the old seeing-eye dog facility and will open a Regional Animal Control Facility.

8.  Significant improvements will be made to the VFW Hall building on Carroll Rd, making it ADA compliant.  

9.  A new "Parks and Recreation Master Plan" is underway; last one was done in 2000.  Residents’ opinions will articulate the direction of park and open space usage plans, including suggestions such as a community garden.  
In conclusion Veech stated "I know the businesses in town do a lot as far as sponsoring and supporting sports teams and school programs for our children.  It's great that you give back in that way, and I just want to say thank you for all that you do for our community.”