RANDOLPH, NJ - After months of discussion, the Recreation Committee approved the Multiple Sport Enrollment policy during Thursday’s meeting. They also discussed facility updates, ethics and the trails master plan.

After several rounds of word-by-word revisions to the policy, the committee felt it reflected their goals clearly and without redundancies.

“Good job on this, committee,” said chair Joseph Nazzaro. “We spent a lot of time kicking that one around, and we ended up with a good policy.”

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Read more about the multiple sport participation policy from January’s discussion here. 

The facilities subcommittee will be refurbishing the interior of the snack bar at Freedom Park through volunteer efforts. Nazzaro commented that this project is long overdue.

“There’s a black and white TV in there,” said committee member Daniel Limone. Volunteers and the recreation department will be recycling unusable furniture before a painting team arrives to paint the interior.

Newman thanked the assistant director Jeanne Montemarano for moving forward with signage throughout the parks.

“[The signs] are a reminder for users of the park, that come to the games, of how to behave,” Nazzaro mentioned.

“This has been a long term project, and Jeanne actually took charge of this and got it done,” Newman explained. “Hopefully that will tie into some of our coaching issues, as well, and our coaching education”

Sue Huston brought up several coaching and ethical concerns, requesting that the committee consolidate the issues, record the matters properly and review the yellow card policy.

“I’ve always thought of the yellow card as being more effective as a preventative more than a punitive,” Newman explained. “If you become aware of something and take steps to prevent something from happening, that’s also a good thing.”

Committee members agreed that any issues with students needed to be recorded in case these students apply for positions in the recreation department.

Next, Committee member Phil Sheehy provided an update on the Trails Master Plan, stating the team will have a final report by the end of May.

“[The boy scouts] are very interested in helping with the marking of the trails and getting crews together to assist the towns,” Newman commented.

The Parks Master Plan also has helped guide Eagle Scouts on projects needed in the township. Newman provided one example of an Eagle Scout project that the Parks Committee decided was not a necessary development in the township.

“We looked at the Parks Master Plan… and looked at the projects that were listed for those parks,” he concluded. “It’s focusing his efforts into an area that’s already being used and maintained… We can look at the Parks Master Plan and look at what’s called for and start directing our efforts into those areas.”