RANDOLPH, NJ- The Recreation committee met Thursday, Oct. 9, to discuss sport program scheduling, a Volunteer brunch, and a dream come true for one small child.

This Friday, Oct. 17, there will be a parade in honor of the 50th anniversary of the high school, followed by the homecoming football game at 7PM. Millbrook Avenue will be closed between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to accommodate the parade festivities. Saturday night will be the annual Homecoming Dance.

Parks and Recreation Director Russ Newman and Assistant Director Jeanne Montemarano met with the athletic directors over a week ago to put together program schedules.

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Committee member Dan Limone shared a moving story with the rest of the board about a game that took place in Hackettstown. Randolph Sixth grade football coach, Michael Townsend, made a wonderful gesture that was a dream come true for a Hackettstown player.

The opposing team had a special needs child on their football team. The opposing coach asked Townsend if he minded whether the child could stand in uniform, considering the league rule that if someone is not playing they have to take their equipment off.

"He did something that was so special that it actually brought tears to my eyes. Instead he said, 'Why don't we let him play, no one's going to tackle him and he'll score a touchdown," said Limone.

No one was opposed to the idea and the young child got to run down the field and score his first touchdown. The touchdown was accepted and counted in the game. As a thank you, the child's parents sent a moving, and what Limone called. "unbelievable email" to Townsend for allowing their son to participate.

"You hear all these things about sports but there's that one little sparkle once and a while that makes it all worthwhile," said Limone.

The upcoming December Volunteer brunch will be approaching and talk of rescheduling the brunch was mentioned. Normally the brunch is held on a Sunday but there is belief that due to other commitments in the month there could be complications. It was suggested moving the hour long ceremony to a weekday instead.

Committee member, Sue Huston, recommended possibly moving it to January instead to all avoid the holiday commitments.

"If we're going to move it then we can move it to January out of that holiday crunch when things get quieter," said Huston.

Chair Joseph Nazzaro believes that if the brunch is held on a Sunday there would be more families attending since some might appear after church. If held during the week on a Tuesday, it might be a little more professionally based since people would be showing up after work and might not have time to get their families situated.

The committee will discuss the moved date with the volunteer staff and hear any recommendations they have before reaching a decision.