RANDOLPH, NJ - After a season of renovation and refurbishing, Randolph Park has experienced more use this year than the past few years, according to Recreation Assistant Director Jeanne Montemarano.

“There’s a lot of excitement around Randolph Park this year. It looks great; the guards are doing a great job keeping it clean,” she said. “The swim team is doing well; we’re up to 60 now. This is the highest number at least in the years that I’ve been here.”

Recreation Director Russ Newman believes that the renovations provided the necessary motivation to keep the park clean. “Having it look new gives them the feeling that they want to keep it that way.”

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Montemarano mentioned the big jump in registration between June and July from 443 family members to 952, with many families commenting on the cleanliness of the water.

In fact, she said guests have used the the overflow parking lot at least three times already in the season, “which we haven’t done in years.”

“We were so packed the weekend after July 4th, there were too many people on the dock and it broke in half,” she added. “This was the [floating] swim dock, not the swim lanes. I was able to secure a new smaller dock, and my idea is to get two smaller docks in different locations to give the kids two different areas to swim to.”

The capital budget had set aside money for a new dock in the past, Montemarano said. “It’s 30 years old. It’s time.”

Day camps and teen camps have also seen increase in enrollment and activity this year. Committee member Anne Standridge praised Montemarano for her hard work when plans change due to weather.

“When we have rain outs in the teen camp, and we’re supposed to do something outside… we have to scramble to find something to do,” Standridge said. “Everyone thinks, oh just switch the dates, but it doesn’t work that way when you need to move around 80 kids. So Jeanne is working really hard.”

“This is why we use the NJRPA consignment tickets, because if you don’t use it, you don’t lose any money,” Montemarano added. “Last year on one of our shore days, it was going to be raining down the shore, but it was nice up here. We just switched them and went to Mountain Creek instead.”

This year when the Mountain Creek plans changed due to a storm, the teens went to a bowling alley and then to the movies instead.