RANDOLPH, NJ- The upperclassmen enrolled in the Option II program at Randolph High School will be putting all of their accomplishments on display on May 27 at 6 p.m.

“The students have been working on amazing things within Option II this year,” Option II Coordinator Ms. Kerry Eberhardt said. “I am so proud of them and excited for everyone to see all of their hard work.”

Within the Option II program, students are able to select from different experiences including Self-Directed Learning, Structured Learning, Tomorrow’s Teachers, Senior Experience or College Coursework. Some examples from this year are a Fashion Intern in NYC, peer teaching, Pilot training and Interning for HOPE Worldwide.

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The showcase will take place at Randolph High School beginning at 6 p.m. in the Commons. The event will start off with around 50 students showcasing their work in booths throughout the Commons. This will be followed by a select group of students going into more detail in presentations resembling that of TED Talks, in various locations throughout the building.

One of the presenters, senior Josh Lane, said, “I chose to do Option II so I could experience more than I would in a classroom and find a better way to share my passion.”

Here is a preview of some of the students involved in the showcase: 


Iroda Abdujabborova

Iroda Abdujabborova uses her Option II to peer teach the Introduction to Dance class. Her essential question being “How does the presence of a peer teacher help the Intro to Dance students?, Throughout the year, she was able to create a 4 minute piece, inspired by the movie “Blood Diamond,” for the Period 7 dance class which will be performed at the Dance Showcase on May 29 and 30. In the future, Iroda hopes to become a diplomat or Peace Corps representative, maybe even an international marketer or businesswoman. 


Tia Scola

Tia Scola is an aspiring singer and songwriter. This is why she chose to take online classes at Berklee College of Music for her Option II Program. She is applying what she learned in her online courses to write and perform her original music. She will be hosting a high school songwriters showcase in the Commons during Unit Lunch this Friday as her capstone project. Next year, she will be attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., as a Songwriting Music Business major. She said, “I have had an amazing experience through Option II and it is clear how my songs have matured so much throughout the year.”


Alyssa Stiles

Senior Alyssa Stiles planned her senior schedule around preparing for her success in the fashion industry. She has been using her Option II to not only take college courses at CCM on the History of Design and Marketing, but to travel into NYC twice a week to intern at Caravan Stylist Studio in Midtown to answer her essential question If the fashion industry is based on constant change, how can one reach a finite finish line?” Option II has allowed her to use her experiences to better prepare for a job in the fashion industry. Her internship experiences include two NYC fashion weeks, event planning, styling for photo shoots, red carpet events, and talk shows. Plus, working at Caravan has helped her to make connections in the fashion industry for future jobs or internships—something important for an aspiring fashionista.


Jen Drury

Option II has allowed Jen Drury to follow her dreams and pursue her love for writing. This year she began to write poetry on her own blog. She challenged herself to write and post a poem for everyday in October. Jen began working on a novel last year and through her Option II was given time to work on it. In the future, she plans to continue to improve her writing so one day she can be published. She would like to major in communications to be able to work as a journalist. “I want to always keep writing. I love the way words combine to create something spectacular. 

Julia Hoylman

With Julia’s passion for aviation, she has created a rigorous Option II Program that would help her delve deeper into the field. She did this by engaging in college coursework at CCM, flight lessons, and internships at various locations such as the DM Airports, LTD at Morristown Municipal Airport and The Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum at Teterboro Airport. During her second semester, she worked closely with the executive director and volunteers of the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum. Julia is happy to announce that she successfully passed her Private Pilot check ride. She plans to continue flight training and take on future internships while studying business management at CCM next year.


Seth Mitchell

Seth Mitchell serves as an intern for the NY METRO Chapter of HOPE worldwide. He has the dream of serving in some capacity when he is older and Option II has definitely allowed him to begin that path. Within his internship, he has created the Increasing the Odds Program. In this program, a group of about 30 RHS Students, work with about 25 students from the Camden Street School, in Newark NJ, to create an original musical. Along with many other accomplishments, his involvement in HOPE Worldwide has led him to opportunities to travel all over the country including New York, California, and Nicaragua. Seth states, “The needs of our world change rapidly, but everyone needs love. I plan to love people in whatever career I pursue, and my Option II experience has definitely helped me to do that.”

Olivia Lofaro

Olivia Lofaro has spent her Option II peer teaching for the C++/Java Computer Science Class, but she has not stopped there. She has also been spending time presenting multiple robotic demonstrations to various groups with the school’s NAO robot. Olivia took Option II to work more with robotics because she has taken all of the courses offered at RHS. Olivia has a growing interest in the sciences and because of that one of her favorite memories at RHS was the Physic’s Day trip to Six Flags. In the future, she plans to study engineering and computer science in hopes of becoming a robotics engineer and she thanks Option II for helping to expose her to such great opportunities even before entering college.

Josh Lane

A talented senior and professional photographer, Josh has used his Option II to give back to the RHS community. He has assisted photography students by working alongside Mr. Jim King as a peer teacher and after his first major photojournalism project last year, “The Unsung Heroes of RHS,” he was up for the challenge to improve upon his project management and presentation skills and tell yet another powerful story his senior year. This year he has interviewed at least eighteen immigrant families in an effort to share “the quintessence of their experiences as immigrants”.  He hosted the opening of his exhibition in the RHS Library on May 7th. He plans on proposing a program run by past immigrants to help other immigrants with the transition, encouraging the Randolph community to appreciate their identity. He chose to do Option II so he could experience more than he would in the classroom and find a better way to share his passion. When asked what he plans for the future he replied, “Who really knows. I have dreams, and a passion, and a drive to achieve them.”

Other presenters include: Martin Amaro, Kevin Beckerman, Sonaly Bulsara, Iain Carey, Luana Dos Santos, Kim Echeverry, Emma Flanagan, Lindsey Klein, Caroline Matos, Taylor Meyers, Kaitlyn Natchez, Lea Sevola, Alicia Vega and representatives from the Tomorrow’s Teachers Program.

Light refreshments will be served. For more information about student projects, please click here

Submitted by: Emma Flanagan '14 and Lindsey Klein '14, Ram Communications