RANDOLPH, NJ- The Randolph High School Executive Board won the 2015 Top Ten award at the NJASC Winter Convention this past January for Senior Take-Over Day.

Last April was Randolph’s first annual Senior Take-Over Day. Randolph Township and high school staff volunteered, by allowing seniors to take their position for the day. Seniors bid on their peers that signed up to be a part of the project. 

The staff and students met to prepare lesson plans and ask questions about their duties and responsibilities for the Take-Over. 

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The "teachers" were required to dress professionally and host the spring pep rally at the end of the day.

The nominees were chosen by the NJASC Treasurer and the winners were chosen by state officers in December at the executive meeting.

"Winning the award was definitely rewarding because Senior Take-Over Day has never been done before and it is nice to be recognized for new ideas," said Mackenzie Lawton, RHS executive board president.

Along with winning the award the executive board hosted a workshop called “The Ultimate Spirit Week” which was presented to students and advisers from student councils across the state.

The Executive Board presented the desired layout of spirit week through a PowerPoint. They showed how spirit week is Randolph’s biggest event and is an opportunity to raise money for charity. The board explained to the other schools that spirit week becomes a competition between the grades, which makes everyone want to get involved.

"There were a ton of people who came to see our presentation and compared their spirit week to ours," Lawton said. "Many people were shocked at how intense ours gets. They asked a lot of questions and I think we may have given them some ideas on how to improve their spirit week."