Student LETTER to EDITOR in RESPONSE TO public statements from REA and BOE (original statements can be seen below):

Dear Randolph Board of Education and Randolph Education Association,

            While we recognize that it is not the students’ place to get involved in the ongoing contract negotiations, we are writing because we feel that the impasse has started to affect us directly.  As a result of stalled negotiations, students have found it difficult to make contact with many teachers outside designated class time.  This inaccessibility deprives us of opportunities to make up missed work, review for exams, and receive personal attention, all crucial to learning in a school of 1600.  Because this disruptive situation is not conducive to our education, we are calling for immediate resolution so that normalcy can return to our classrooms.

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            We understand negotiations are a strenuous process, but it is imperative not to forget that it is the Randolph students’ education that unites both the Randolph Board of Education and the Randolph Education Association.  When both the Board and the REA work in unison, they provide a first-rate schooling to Randolph’s students for which we will be eternally grateful.  However, allowing negotiations to affect the quality of education threatens to tarnish this reputation for educational excellence and is unfair to your students.

            We are disappointed and frustrated that, as of late, our education has become a bargaining chip.  Holding our futures hostage until March or April while this situation remains in limbo is doing your students a great disservice.  We implore both parties to make it an utmost priority to find a mutually agreeable compromise with all deliberate speed or, at the very least, allow us to resume a productive, uninterrupted school year.


            Fifteen Students from the Senior Class of Randolph High School 

One student expressed, "After taking polls with the senior class, we feel that our ideas are universal sentiments and wanted to express them for the town to see."


REA Statement:

BOE Statement: