RANDOLPH, NJ- With parents emotions and the temperature of the air both running high, the Randolph Middle School 8th grade promotion ceremony was off to a great start on a gorgeous spring night.

The June 20, 2018 evening began with processional music played by the 6th and 7th grade band students, while 423 graduating 8th graders marched onto the Randolph High School football field anxiously waiting to receive their graduation certificates. 

RMS principal Dr. Dennis Copeland then welcomed everyone with kind words about the 2018 graduating middle school class, followed by 8th grader and SGA president Paul Doran’s reflective speech about their last year at RMS.

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“Dr. Copeland, our principal, has described to us that we are all on an airplane as a class, and the beginning and ending of the year had to have a smooth take-off and landing, with hopefully, no turbulence in between,” said Doran.  “We were all fearful for the beginning and ending of our trip, but the take-off pushed us forward into the year.  However, the landing is a bit uneasy as we are facing another unfamiliar destination—high school.“

Doran then cited some famous quotes about addressing, embracing, and overcoming fear, and encouraged his classmates to use it in a positive light.

"Fear is nothing more than a reserved, hidden motivator inside of us all," said Doran.  "I know that the strength and courage we gained through our experiences at RMS have prepared us for what’s to come as we enter the doors to high school."

Afterwards, The Canzonetta played a lovely selection of “What a Wonderful World” by Mark Brymer directed by Miss Ann Kelly creating an entry way for the main event of the evening, which was handing out the diploma’s to the 8th grade class.

The hour long ceremony concluded with a solo of performance of One Republic’s «I Lived » performed by 8th grader Melissa Narvaez and the closing remarks by Dr. Dennis Copeland, who then offered a final goodbye to the upcoming freshman of Randolph High School.

Editor's Note: Meredith Finley is a student at RHS studying journalism.