RANDOLPH, NJ- The Randolph Middle School PTO has donated four robot building kits, a robotics workbench, a full game object and field element and competition field tile kit to enhance the maker space area at RMS.

RMS Principal Dennis Copeland, thanked the PTO and noted, “We define a maker space as a place where students can gather to design, create, invent, and explore using a variety of tools and materials. 

 "Our vision for our maker space is to create a safe environment where students can begin to utilize and enhance 21st century technological skills,” he said. “By providing our students with the necessary technology, we believe that our maker space can become a positive place for our students to meet to create, invent, and explore new ideas. In the future, we hope to continue to expand our vision and develop a productive and educational setting for our talented students at RMS to continue to excel."

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RMS PTO President Jennifer DeMelfi said the PTO made the donation to support Dr. Copeland’s vision. “The RMS PTO wanted to donate technology items that would improve the maker spaces, help continue the development of ours students’ design and creativity skills as well as ensure that students, both in class and in after school clubs, would benefit from this donation going forward.”

Eighth grader Chris Keaney worked with one of the robots on a recent afternoon, which he said he programmed. Students Jonny Sands and Sean Wohnsigl programmed the robot to navigate an obstacle course and then demonstrated this for Dr. Copeland, Technology teacher Dr. Ned Sheehy and PTO President Jennifer DeMelfi.

Students taking cycle classes in robotics and participated in after school STEM clubs directly benefit from the donation.