RANDOLPH, NJ – With Mayor Roman Hirniak praising the Randolph Fire Department’s professionalism and quick response time at the Jan. 31 council meeting, the Randolph Rotary Club presented the firefighters with a $1,000 gift.

The money was presented to fire chief Steve Cohrs by Rotary Club President Lee Schaeffer. Donations to Randolph organizations, such as the fire department is a big part of the Rotary Club’s activity, and Hirniak said the club couldn’t have picked a better recipient.

"Our Fire department is a volunteer force,” he said. “It is a force of individuals that sacrifice from their lives to ensure that our treasures, both personal and material - in other words our personal lives - are safe and secure. Our Rotary club stands for many things. Among them is recognizing good in the community and promoting that good."

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In presenting the check to Cohrs, Schaeffer wished the department "the best of luck with everything."

Cohrs said the money will probably be used to buy rescue equipment, noting he will discuss discuss the needs of the department with his deputy chief, Anthony Moschella and his co-members.

"We really appreciate the generosity of the Rotary Club,” said the chief. “We've had a long-standing relationship with you. It's been a very positive and very fruitful one."

Schaffer also said the Rotary Club has added a sixth scholarship, explaining that its original five were for high school students. This year it set aside a new scholarship for the fire department.

A letter will be sent all the fire department captains asking them to choose who they would nominate for the $1,000 scholarship.