Last year's Shoes-For- Haiti drive brought in over 700 pairs of shoes.  I know that this year we can top that! During a recent mission trip to Haiti I witnessed the devastation and real need in this country.   Many of the children are going to school barefoot or in broken plastic flip flops.  So let's make a change.


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We are looking for "gently used" or new shoes for children ages 5-18. Sizes should rage from a child's size 12 to a man/woman size 10. The best shoes for their needs are sturdy sandals with straps, water shoes, sneakers and Mary Jane's. Black dress shoes are very important considering it is a part of their mandatory school uniform. The climate is warm, so there is no need for boots or fur lined clogs. No high heels or fancy sandals/shoes either. All donations are greatly appreciated.


The drive will run until Friday, March 28, 2014


This is a truly easy and much needed way to serve others. If you have any questions or would like more clarification , please contact us at or check out our website,

A donation box can be found at St. Matthew's Parish in Randolph, NJ.