RANDOLPH, NJ- A Fifth grade class at Shongum Elementary School , Bobbie Sobel’s class, played academic mini golf in school this week.

This mini golf course was designed and built by my math students. Sobel’s classroom is a LATI classroom (Learner Active Technology Infused). Each Math unit has a task and a rubric that relates to the real world. It has a felt need and the children work collaboratively to solve the task. The task for this unit was to build a mini golf hole to learn about area and perimeter.

 A golf professional, Wendy Ferrara from Black Oak Golf Course, came to the class to show how much math goes into designing a golf hole. The children picked their own groups and designed and built their holes. Together, there were a total of 6 holes for the Shongum Mini Golf Course.

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Sobel expressed after the unveiling, “I think it's wonderful how LATI works for all students. I love that my students take ownership in their learning and have embraced this creative approach.”

Only select classes at the elementary level participate in the LATI method. Here students engage in real-world problems that provide a “felt need” for building curricular skills and concepts. They learn independently and collaboratively in the classroom. They use technology  as a tool for learning. They manage projects, set goals, assess progress, identify resources for learning, and more.