RANDOLPH, NJ- On Tuesday morning Randolph students reported seeing threats on Instagram, a popular social media site among adolescents. The threats involved a “killerklownking” watching Randolph and knowing specifically when the schools buses drop off kids. According to reports, there have been an abundance of clown "threats and sightings" in various states and school districts since August. 

Randolph Schools administration and Randolph Township police have responded promptly. Jennifer Fano, Superintendent of Schools, communicated the following on Tuesday afternoon:

“Earlier today some general information was sent out informing you the Randolph Police were investigating unsettling postings on social media.  We appreciate your understanding and trust everyone is aware that during an active investigation it would be counter productive to share any specific details. 

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What I can share is that throughout the day the Randolph Police Department continued to work with appropriate officials to further investigate two postings on social media.  Similar postings have been the subject of investigations in school districts across New Jersey, as well as in other states.  I can assure the members of our community that all appropriate and reasonable measures have been taken by our law enforcement officials. 

I have personally been in communication with Chief Stokoe throughout the day and he is planning for a police presence at each of our school buildings over the next few days, similar to what you may have come to notice each year on the first few days of school.  Such visibility of the police, along with our security personnel, is intended to remind our school community that we are safe and that every precautionary measure is being taken to ensure our students and staff feel a sense of security while in all of our buildings.

Please also be reminded that Internet safety, including posting on social media, is a topic to be discussed at home and in school.  As we continue to review Internet safety in school we will remind students to refrain from responding to any inappropriate posts and immediately report them to a parent, teacher, or administrator.”