RANDOLPH, NJ- Oct. 17 marked the commencement of five exuberant days at Randolph High School, spirit week. Each year promises a radiating enthusiasm throughout the hallways, this week is an integral initiation ritual to ring in the new school year for RHS students of all grade levels.

Spirit week grants students a period of time to unify as an entire grade level and exhibit healthy competitiveness in a creative way. 11th grader Kaitlyn Kudriavetz expressed, “Spirit week is an opportunity to really bond with my class and work towards a common goal of defeating the seniors.” At the conclusion of each day, the grades are ranked from first to fourth depending on each grade’s collective participation.

On Monday students and staff were encouraged to sport their most treasured pajamas to class. Enabled to ease into the school week with the comfort of plush slippers hugging their feet and a furry friend tenderly grasping their side, students eagerly participated in this fan favored day. Some were even inclined as to commemorate the fond memories of their childhood by parading around in animated onesies.

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Monday’s pajama day was followed by tacky tourist Tuesday. Bright Hawaiian shirts and leis occupied the hundreds of desks that once housed RHS students. Blessed with creative freedom, students drew from the most eclectic parts of their imagination to display their individualistic school spirit. Tacky tourist day concluded with a most remarkable experience from Skylar the Hypnotist in the evening.

As students piled in through the main entrance on Wednesday morning, it was as if they were escaping from a television screen. On movie day, each grade is designated a specific film to draw style inspiration from. Seniors flaunted patriotic shields and American flags for Captain America, juniors sported game day shirts for the Game Plan, sophomores modeled beachwear for Teen Beach Movie, and freshman paraded around in Moto gear for Cars. To end this paramount, picture perfect day, students corralled into the gym to participate and watch the volleyball tournament.

On Thursday, RHS was suspended in a time warp for decade day. On this day, each grade was assigned a decade to sport the iconic trends popular during that particular time period. Seniors rocked the 1990’s infamous grunge fashions with flannels and chokers, juniors honored the 70’s with peace signs and tie dyed apparel, sophomores celebrated the 80’s in vivid neons, and the freshman commemorated the 50’s with greaser wear and poodle skirts. RHS was truly transformed in the evening when each grade decorated their respective hallways according to their decade.

Ram pride day, the pinnacle of spirit week, was observed in waves of blue and white. Students unleashed the best of their school spirit during the pep rally on the football field. Chanting and singing their hearts out, each grade battled for the loudest roar. It was determined that the seniors continued to carry on the legacy as the long-reigning victors of spirit week. 12th grader Morgan Rogers expressed, “Spirit week unites students in a way no other activity does, its truly beautiful and I’m honored to have been a part of it for all four years.”