RANDOLPH, NJ- TAP into Randolph caught up with former Randolph High School Cross Country and Track star Liz Wellman over the Holiday break.  Liz attends FAU ( Florida Atlantic University ) on a scholarship she earned after an outstanding career as a Lady Ram.  Liz is majoring in Business, and is a member of the FAU Cross Country team, as well as the Winter and Spring track teams.  She was voted the Cross Country team's MVP this past Fall.

Q:  Tell us about some of the success you've had in your freshman season.

A:  I earned team MVP, ending the season as the number one runner.  My 6k time is 3rd in school history, and 5k time 7th in school history.  I also was on the team which broke the school record average 5k time.

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Q:  What has been the biggest adjustment for you going from high school to college?  

A:  The biggest adjustment from high school to college has been managing my time from practice, class, and studying, all of which have become much harder and more time consuming. 


Q:  How did the Randolph coaches help to prepare you for competing at the next level?

A:  The coaches from Randolph did an extraordinary job preparing me for competing in college, from the workouts we would do to the competition they would have us run against to the high expectations they had for us all. They knew what they were doing in shaping me into the athlete I have become today.


Q:  Tell us about a favorite memory from your Randolph high school career.

A:  My favorite memory from high school would be winning Cross Country States (Meet of Champs) as a team my senior year.


Q:  What are your goals for your college career?

A:  My goals are to continue improving my times, working hard, staying healthy, and positively contributing to the team and program as a whole.


Q:  What advice would you give to your peers still at RHS who are interested in competing in Division I athletics?

A:  I would say always put forth your best effort, stay positive and if you really want something you have to go for it, and be prepared to make sacrifices in order to succeed.


Q:  You already hold a few records at FAU, tell us about a few of them.

A:  My times in both the 5k and 6k have put me on the top 10 all time best list, currently 7th best  and 3rd best. I hope to continue improving my times and to move higher and higher up both lists. I was also one of the top 5 girls who had our average times together beating the school record average time.


Q:  After spending years competing alongside teammates you knew from your childhood growing up together in Randolph, what was it like to go off and join a whole new team of strangers from around the country?

A:  I was certainly sad to be leaving some of my best friends from my team back in Randolph, but my new teammate have proven to be so awesome.  They are all so welcoming and supportive and so much fun to be around just like the Randolph team was like.