RANDOLPH,NJ- It is pretty well known around Randolph that John Herold Jewelers is a business that is heavily involved in the community.  From sitting on town boards and committees, to donating and supporting countless youth groups, John Herold has contributed to Randolph in many ways over the years.

This year, he took it to another level, donating five thousand dollar diamond studded earrings to the PTO’s annual event, Ladies Night Out.

"Randolph PTO has been my largest donation. I believe in it,” said Herold. “I'm sort of Mr. Randolph in a way. Randolph puts food on my table. So, I give back to Randolph.”

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Herold has been sponsoring the PTO event for about 14 years, around when it first started. When he first got involved, Jim Solerno held the spot of first prize. After Salerno bowed down, Herold wanted to claim that first prize spot.

"I would always go to these events," said Herold. “I was sitting there and thought ‘how am I going to go home with 700 ladies?’”

The following year, John Herold Jewelers donated 700 gift bags to the event. After Herold gained a little exposure, he donated his and her watches, then diamond bracelets for a few years and one year he donated a diamond necklace. This is the first year Herold has donated diamond earrings.

"Five Thousand dollars is a lot of money but when you look at your audience and since your audience is all from town, I think it's a good deal," said Herold.

Herold opened his jewelry business in January 1997. He first started working with jewelry at 16 years old. He had a summertime job working for a small manufacturing shop in Newark sweeping floors.

"I enjoyed what I was doing over the summer," said Herold, "not necessarily sweeping the floors, but starting to play around with jewelry and starting to understand it so much that I asked if I could stay on."

Herold originally wanted to be an architect. After his summer, he went back to high school and changed his plan around to enter work-study and continue working with jewelry. For Herold's senior year, he went to class in Parsippany until 11 a.m. and then to Newark for work.

Herold stayed with the shop for 19 years. After his time with the company, he decided it was time to move on. In the summer of '96, Herold bought into a business in Berkeley Heights and found it was not the right fit.

After the departure of his Berkeley Heights business, Herold started working out of his basement. With 20 years of experience, he fell back on what he knew he could do with his hands, repair jewelry. This new business left Herold wanting more. In January of '97, he opened John Herold Jewelers in Randolph.

"I've been down the road, I had a lot of friends and a lot of customers,” said Herold. “I opened up in Randolph and they followed. I didn't even expect it but they followed."

Herold was busy and paying the rent since day one. Luckily, there was no need to reinvent himself in the town.

Herold is also a part of two town committees, the Economic Development and Planning Board Committees. He also likes to sponsor kids.

"I'll try to get involved in every school function," said Herold.

Herold was a part of the Randolph-opoly, which was a high school initiative that made a monopoly board game of Randolph’s local businesses. All the proceeds went to the animal pound and Morristown’s Homeless Solutions. Herold also helped with a sign for Randolph's boy lacrosse. Currently, he is getting involved with Homeless Solutions in Morristown which he heard about from a member of the PTO. He donated a pair of emerald earrings to them.

"It's just being part of the community,” said Herold. “You can't take all the time. Just give back as much as you can so that's what I do. The town has been good to me.”