RANDOLPH, NJ- It’s no secret that Randolph High School harbors some incredible talent within its stone walls. From amazing athletes to skilled writers to genius mathematicians, the outpouring of talent in the school is both impressive and diverse. With all these gifted students also come various events at which to show off their skills, and for teenage artists, the RHS Senior Art Show is their event to shine.

This year’s show took place on Tuesday, May 13 and was held in the senior section of the Commons from 7 to 9 p.m. The show featured a number of senior artists, some with one or two pieces, and others with panels full of work.

The variance of mediums, including paint, photography, pottery, pencil, cloth, and three-dimensional objects, and subjects as diverse as dragons and frosted windows promised a spectacular show with something for every interest. The students whose high school careers were centered heavily on the arts displayed their work on large panels.

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“Students select the work they feel best represents their style and accomplishment in the visual arts in both two and three-dimensional media for their individual senior shows,” according to the show’s  pamphlet.

Each artist was able to express themselves in their own light based on the pieces they chose to exhibit, similar to a professional artist creating a gallery. Every student with a panel also had a journal or type of log book where their friends, family, and teachers could write messages to them about their work.

Before the art show began, the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) held an art auction in which all of the society’s members had to put up at least one original piece for auction. Those visiting for the art show were then able to purchase the pieces by signing a silent auction sheet. All of the proceeds go back to NAHS to benefit future artists.

“Having a piece in the auction was very exciting because I would periodically peek at the bids throughout the show and see new bids every time,” said senior artist Dan Feldman. The auction also included artwork from local Randolph artists and art teachers, making for a very professional atmosphere.

Overall, the RHS Senior Art Show was extremely successful in presenting the incredible talent of the teenage artists who were showcased and was a wonderful night for all who attended. The art department at RHS ran the event, but the students and their awe-inspiring talent made the night a success.

Feldman summed it up when he said, “The levels of creative freedom and flexibility I have received at RHS have benefitted me in a positive sense, allowing me to follow my own visions and pave my own way artistically.”