RANDOLPH, NJ- Randolph High School’s Mass Media department held its 21st annual film festival. A variety of both under and upperclassmen student films were screened with genres ranging from PSA to Drama. Following the screenings, attendees were treated to dinner catered from restaurants all around Morris County and then an award ceremony hosted by seniors Holden Zuschlag and Jake Wichansky.

The award for Best of Fest was given to “Stolen Heart”, a comedy directed by Zuschlag and Wichansky. The film explored a relationship between two students who fall in love over their mutual passion for stealing. “Stolen Heart” also garnered the award for best actor (Tyler Harper), best direction (Jake Wichansky and Holden Zuschlag), best use of music, best editing, and best cinematography.

Freshman attendee, Nik Jacobson, praised “Stolen Heart” saying, “it displayed an impressive level of professionalism and I truly enjoyed the comedic elements of the film.” Other notable films included “Silenced Love”, a drama by Christina O’Connor and Mark Lucivero. The film explores a high school girl going through an abusive relationship before an old friend comes and helps her out. O’Connor won best actress for her part in the film. “A Case of Cookies”, a comedy produced by Corey Dalmedo, Malina Ruiz, CJ Colombaris, and Nickie Murray took home the audience choice award during the festival.

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Sophomore Eitan Leinwand had a big night, winning five awards for best special effects, best underclassmen movie trailer, best underclassmen horror/sci-fi, best underclassmen suspense, and best underclassmen documentary.

Multiple students expressed that The Film Festival could not have gone as well as it did without the two heads of the Mass Media department, Mr. Finning and Mr. Galembo.

The 21st annual Randolph Film Festival went off without a hitch and its tradition will certainly continue.


Award Winners

Best PSA - Fire Safety - Nick Palazzo, Christopher Gierla

Best Commercial - Pocky - Maddy Burger, Isabella Hu

Best Underclassman Movie Trailer - Don’t Look Back - Eitan Leinwand

Best Upperclassmen Movie Trailer - A Brief Encounter - Michael Breen

Best Underclassman Music Video - Sweet Dreams – Reilly Widmayer

Best Upperclassman Music Video - When She Loved Me – Celine Pedalino

Best Underclassman TV Segment - Boys Winter Track – Vincent Campanella

Best Upperclassman TV Segment - Fall Play – Brianna Arends, Katherine Leary

Best Underclassman Horror/Sci-Fi - Don’t Look Back – Eitan Leinwand, Corey Wichansky, Max Maderna, Amanda Flynn

Best Upperclassman Horror/Sci-Fi - Sweet Dreams – Christina O’Connor, Mark Lucivero

Best Underclassman Suspense - Mission Toro - Eitan Leinwand, Corey Wichansky, Max Maderna, Amanda Flynn

Best Upperclassman Suspense - A Game of Chance – Michael Breen, Spencer Seligson, CJ Colombaris, Corey Dalmedo

Best Underclassman Documentary - The Randolph Light Show - Eitan Leinwand, Corey Wichansky, Max Maderna, Amanda Flynn

Best Upperclassman Documentary - 2018 Dance Documentary – Mark Lucivero

Best Original Screenplay - Orbis – Michael Breen

Best Underclassman Drama - Pineapple Blizzard – Corey Dalmedo, Malina Ruiz, Nickie Murray, Grant Wayne

Best Upperclassman Drama - Silenced Love – Christina O’Connor, Mark Lucivero

Best Underclassman Comedy - The Princess and the Pauper 2.0 – Bethany Neufeld, Alexa Potamianos, Abby Grutkowski

Best Upperclassman Comedy - Stolen Heart – Jake Wichansky, Holden Zuschlag

Best Experimental - Ethan – Michael Breen

Best Use of Music - Stolen Heart - Jake Wichansky, Holden Zuschlag

Best Special Effects - Stuck in an iPhone - Eitan Leinwand

Best Cinematography - Stolen Heart – Jake Wichansky

Best Editing - Stolen Heart – Jake Wichansky

Best Actress - Christina O’Connor - Silenced Love

Best Actor - Tyler Harper – Stolen Heart

Best Direction - Stolen Heart -Jake Wichansky, Holden Zuschlag

Best of the Festival - Stolen Heart – Jake Wichansky, Holden Zuschlag