Randolph, NJ– The team of Forstenhausler, Loveys, Potter, and Nisivoccia have spoken to hundreds of Randolph residents personally during their primary election campaign for township council.  They have found the main issue discussed while knocking on doors is property taxes.  The team is prepared to continue the fiscally responsible approach prior councils have demonstrated to minimize any future potential municipal tax increase.  Their focus will also be on maintaining Randolph’s AAA bond rating.  The team has also found that residents are interested in their qualifications to make sound decisions at the council table. 

Each candidate has a long list of volunteer service within the community and has experience on several of the township’s boards and advisory committees.  This, coupled with qualifications such as current Mayor, current Deputy Mayor, engineer, and president of Randolph’s Chamber of Commerce, has been well received by those visited. 

The team of Forstenhausler, Loveys, Potter, and Nisivoccia intend to keep Randolph as the township “Where Life is Worth Living” and respectfully request voters Vote the Team in the primary election June 5 to protect Randolph’s wonderful quality of life.