My test results finally came back and they were positive.  I had bet the house that would NOT be the results.  Within the last 4 weeks I’d been to 3 Supermarkets (2 times fully geared) and an Assisted Living Facility.

However, that is not the point of this letter.  As many of us, I am on information overload and trying to understand what is best to do, and not to do now.  Personally, I am sticking with the CDC and the World Health Organization.  Because of that I have currently stopped taking any ibuprofen although it helps other ailments and injuries.  I will only take Tylenol.

The challenge?  Find Extra Strength Tylenol.  Yes, you can find it online….to be delivered by the end of April…or May….but I need it now to reduce my fever.  What does one do?  Called my Primary Care Physician? My Internist?  My Orthopedic Doctor?  Anyone who could direct me somewhere but no luck.

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However, then I thought of someone who has always helped me in the past.  Dr. Jeff Frankel, DMD, located in Randolph NJ.  I could scarcely get the words of my predicament out of my mouth when he said “address?  I’ll drop what I can in a bag on your doorstep.”

Speechless is hardly enough to describe my feelings.  He has a wife, 3 children, a dental practice, parents, etc. and he STOPPED what he was doing to help a person who was suffering.  We need more selfless acts like these to brave this new world. 

I hope we all share more uplifting stories like this one.

Thank you again Dr. Frankel.  You are a shining example to all for today and days to come.




Randolph NJ