RANDOLPH, NJ- The Alternative Press of Randolph, (Randolph TAP) has been providing township residents with local news and information on everything “Randolph”.  An exciting rebranding is now taking place, and the news site will now be known as “TAP into Randolph.”  That isn’t the only positive change on its way; a new website with a dynamic new look is also coming soon.

What started as a website experiment by New Providence residents Michael and Lauryn Shapiro five years ago, The Alternative Press and its family of more than 30 town sites now has a readership of over 2,000,000 annually.  Now, The Alternative Press is taking the next step in its evolution, announcing the beginning of its rebranding as TAPinto.net, and the future launch of a state-of-the-art website.

Projected for a July 2014 launch, the new website will be significantly faster to load, easier to navigate, and will include a dedicated mobile site.  Pictures will be easier to view, past stories and content will be easier to locate, and new enhanced video capabilities will improve the visitor’s experience. 

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The original name, The Alternative Press, was coined because it was the “Alternative” to the local hardcopy newspaper.  “Today, we are no longer the alternative.  We are the press covering our towns.  With the decline of local newspapers in many towns, if we are not reporting on it, there is no one reporting on it.  We take this responsibility and commitment to report on the news in our communities very seriously.  Today, we announce that people can now TAP into their town’s news and information at TAPinto.net,” said Michael Shapiro, Founder and Publisher.

TAP Into Randolph is owned and operated by Randolph residents Wendi and Chris Manderioli.  They are one of the companies franchise owners / publishers in over 30 communities in NJ helping to make “TAP into” a model for local news. 

The new website will offer more opportunities for local businesses to market themselves and connect with their local customer base.  A recently concluded demographic survey shows 54% of TAP readers have purchased a product or service due to an advertisement they viewed on TAPinto.net.  When it comes to reader loyalty, 87% of readers visit the site at least twice a week, with 40% of readers visiting at least 5 days a week.

Anyone who is not currently receiving Randolph’s daily e-news, can sign up to receive it for free at www.tapinto.net/enews.  Readers can also still follow TAP into Randolph on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RandolphTAP or on Twitter : @RandolphTAP.