The Randolph Township Landmarks Committee is thrilled to share with the community an effort being embarked upon among the Landmarks Committee and the Randolph Middle School Social Studies Department. This exciting project is aimed at educating middle school students to become local historians.

The students will create digital content that describes each of the township’s 26 designated municipal landmarks as well as other sites of historical significance and other local history. This information will be available on the township’s website and will be linked to QR codes (2-dimensional bar codes) placed at each site.

As visitors see the QR code at each of these sites, they will be able to scan the code using a reader on their smartphone or similar device and be directed to a page on the website that contains the student-created digital content about the particular landmark/site of historical significance. The project will include several phases that will be incorporated into the social studies curriculum for several years beginning in Spring 2014. This effort is an example of the community and the schools working together toward an informative and educational goal that will benefit all citizens who are interested in our local history.

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We would like to ask residents and friends to help contribute to this project by way of sharing old photos, old
documents, artifacts and stories of their experiences and memories of old Randolph.


You can share your items/stories with us by:




If you would like to donate money towards this project, please send your donations
(checks made payable to The Historical Society of Old Randolph)


Randolph GeoHistorian Project

C/O The Historical Society of Old Randolph

P.O. Box 1776

Ironia, NJ 07845