Each day the teachers and support staff of Randolph School District work hard to help our students succeed at their highest level.  On any given day all one has to do is view the Randolph Education Association’s (REA) social media sites to see and read about the tremendous accomplishments our students and your children are making.  These media posts are just a small fraction of the amazing things that Randolph kids are doing every day.  It is these accomplishments, and the daily interactions we have with our students, that makes teaching such a rewarding career.  The teachers and support staff would like to think we have contributed to each student’s accomplishments in deeply meaningful ways.  The teachers and support staff will continue to work hard for your children in spite of any outside distractions we may encounter; we are committed to the families of Randolph and we will not falter in that commitment.

In their recent statement on negotiations, the Board states they value our commitment to the students of Randolph. They outline a few components of their proposal to the REA. While on paper, their proposal may appear just and fair; unfortunately, they are not being as transparent regarding what they're really asking for. While the Board focuses on what they're willing to give the teachers, they do not outline what they want to take from us.  This past fall, after eight months of meeting with the board on numerous occasions, the REA realized that the Board’s negotiation team was not willing to move away from their position of having the REA members pay a significant portion of our own salary increases through the various concessions they attach to their proposal.  According to data provided by the Randolph BoE and shared with the REA; last year alone, the teachers and support staff paid 70% of our own raises.  Stated another way, imagine your boss said he was giving you a raise for the tremendous job you do, but for every dollar he raises your pay, you have to pay 70 cents.  The REA does not think it is fair for the board to ask that we help fund our own raises.  In the Board’s recently released statement they claim they are offering the REA a 3% raise each year of the contract.  Since a significant amount of this money would be coming from REA members, if we agreed, we view the board’s statement as an attempt to mislead the public. 

We are asking the Randolph Board of Education to match their actions with their words and provide the teachers and support staff with a settlement that does not pull money out of our own pockets and recognizes the outstanding job that we provide to this community and our students every day.  We are also asking the parents of Randolph Township to reach out to board members and urge them to develop a fair settlement with the REA.

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The REA and the Randolph BOE will have our first mediation meeting on April 11, 2018 at 5 P.M. at the Board office located on 25 Schoolhouse Road behind Center Grove.  The REA asks that the parents and children of Randolph Township come out and show your support.

Finally, while the Board provides what appears to be a compelling perspective on negotiations, we encourage our community to read more about the actual facts of the negotiations process, please visit the REA Facebook page @RandolphEA.