RANDOLPH, NJ- The town council met on Thursday, May 21, to hear good news for the Veterans of Foreign Wars Building, discuss the process of the new cell tower and review a residential concern for a new redesign of Dover Chester Road.

Town Manager Stephen Mountain formally announced that he received official word from the Morris County Community Development Block Grant Program. The town received a grant of $80,000 towards the installation of an elevator at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Building. The tow will be responsible for 20 percent of the $100,000 project. The elevator along with the ongoing improvement approved in the capital project budget will address the remaining buildings ADA accessibility and compliance issues.

"It's a real exciting bit of news for us because we heard it informally but now its formal," said Mountain.

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The town is now looking forward to getting the project out to bid in the fall and expects the installation to be complete in spring 2016.

The tax revaluation work group met and discussed public relations and elements of the revaluation project. The project will officially kickoff next month. There will be a public information meeting scheduled for June 23 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.

A letter will also go out to all property owners advising residents of the meeting. It will also include an informational brochure that will have details about the project. There will also be available information on the website, which will be updated throughout.

Mountain also mentioned that the draft for the Water Master Plan has been completed by the consultant. Mountain is looking to pull together the infrastructure work group sometime within the next couple of weeks to review the draft with the staff.

The council also discussed the cell tower  behind the municipal building. The town can now move ahead towards the bidding of the new cell tower. 

"All bidders must be Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licensed so that limits the perspective bidders here to those in the cell tower industry," said Mountain.

Both the land lease and co-location have leases of 25 years. The way the lease is structured is there will be an initial five year term and then four successive roll over five year terms that will be renewable.

The lead agency will be responsible to maintain the tower and must provide the municipality notice of any changes that may come during the course of the lease. At the end of the day the town controls the approval of any additions to the tower.

The council also spoke about Dover Chester Road concerning the four lane section of that roadway, which is from Route 10 to Morris Turnpike. The council received word from the Pastor at the Holy Trinity Church expressing the difficulty making the turn at the church going across two lanes of traffic.

"That's four lane road is currently designed and it's purposed to be resurfaced and restructured and restriped again," said Mountain.

The Pastor is seeking the town's assistance with a petition to persuade Morris County to redesign Dover Chester Road from Route 10 to Morris Turnpike to reduce the four travel lanes to two with a center turn lane for right and left turns. This request, if approved, would also address the limited area for bike and pedestrian traffic, the difficult cross traffic access for left and right turns as well as encourage faster speeds.

In response to the pastor's request, Mountain contacted the County Engineer's office. Mountain hopes the County will review this alternate proposal. The project has not been placed out to bid, therefore, the County is open to discussing a change. The council is interested in the proposal but expressed a concern on whether the change may create more traffic. Mountain has written a letter asking that the traffic engineer review the new design.