RANDOLPH, NJ - Plans for the new Wendy’s on Route 10 East next to the Randolph Diner are moving along after Thursday’s township council meeting.

“The applicant has received preliminary and final site plan approval for the construction of a 2,238 square foot restaurant facility,” said Mayor Carey. “We have the jurisdiction over the matter, since the applicant seeks to move more than 2,001 cubic yards of soil from the site.”

Following the next step in the approval process, engineer Peter Chandler presented the soil movement plan and timeline for opening the store on behalf of Conlen of Randolph LLC (Wendy’s).

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“The existing site has some moderate topography changes associated with it, so in order to provide a level and navigable site for patrons of the restaurant, some soil removal was required,” Chandler said. “That totaled 8,368 [cubic] yards approximately.”

Chandler explained with that number of cubic yards, the developer anticipates 250-300 truck loads will be needed for removal.

The legal counsel for Conlen of Randolph, Jennifer Smith of Gibbins P.C., stated the project plans to be completed by the end of August. “If all goes well, and permits are issued on the schedule set forth. The main outlier being completing the DOT permitting process,” she said.

While the applicant proposed 30 days for soil removal, Darren Carney, Assistant Township Manager/ Planning Administrator, recommended providing three months, “so as not to require a future hearing for additional time.”

Like all soil removal projects, vehicles transporting the soil should utilize only county and state roadways, and a map with the vehicle route will be provided to the Randolph Engineering Department.

“In this case, this should not be difficult since the location of the business is right on Route 10,” said Township Manager Stephen Mountain.

While the developer has not determined where the soil will be relocated, the township requires all soil to be disposed outside of Randolph.

“How many trucks a day do you anticipate sending out?” asked Randolph resident, James McConnell.

“Well, it’s difficult to answer because we don’t know where the site will be located,” Chandler replied. “If it’s nearby, there will be more trips because it’s a shorter distance. if it’s further away, it will be less.”

The township council moved to approved the soil movement permit after this discussion.